Word Processor

MS Word is one of the most popular word processing software. The various components of Word are Office button, title bar, close button, ruler bar, cursor, horizontal and vertical scroll bar, status bar and text area. To enter text, click in the text area and start typing the text. The text appears at the position where the cursor is placed. It is important to save the document regularly. To save the document, click on the File menu and choose Save as. The Save as dialog box will open. Click and select the desired folder or drive and click on Save. The file will get saved by the given name. To close the document, click on Office button and select Close. To exit from a document, click on Office button and select Exit Word.

The pages of MS Word document have a white area around the text. This white area is called page margin. In MS Word, when a word does not fit in a line, it automatically shifts to the beginning of the next line. This feature is termed as word wrapping. Indentation is the distance between text boundaries and page margins. Font is a collection of letters, numbers and special characters that contain the same type face, thickness and size. To emphasize upon certain things and points, text attributes can be used. Normal, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic and Strikethrough are some of the text attributes. Text Alignment refers to the text layout within a paragraph with respect to document margins. The two categories of text alignment are horizontal alignment and vertical alignment. The header or footer is text or graphics such as a page number, the date, or a company logo that is usually printed at the top margin or bottom of each page.

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