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  • Q1

    Do you think that we enjoy real freedom? Share your reflections on the topic.


    The greatest desire of any living being is to be free. A bird does not want to be confined to a cage. A wild animal does not want to be confined to the four walls of an enclosure. Similarly human beings can’t be confined to the walls of a cell. Some may survive confinement to a shorter period of time but certainly not a longer one.

    Freedom does not mean only freedom to move about. What is freedom? Is there absolute freedom? Is there any limitation to one’s freedom? These are some questions people often ask. It is a term that has much wider scope. Absolute freedom is a myth. It is said that my freedom ends at the tip of my finger. I can’t ask the other to surrender his/her freedom to me. Where my freedom ends, the other’s freedom begins.

    Freedom is essential for all living beings. But freedom is not absolute. There should be restrictions so that all people live amiably in the society. We should learn to respect the freedom of the other. We should also acknowledge that our freedom is limited.

    We can’t allow a child to play with a knife or fire. Reasonable restrictions are placed by the family and the society for the wellbeing of people. That is why the state employs law enforcement agencies like police and military.

    The fact is that our freedom is controlled, not only by the government but also many private commercial institutions and political parties. Recently we have come across news about personal data being sold by social media platforms to firms analysing this data and specifically targeting individuals with selective contents to influence their opinion in favour of their products and more seriously in favour of some political parties. Political parties seek the help of these data analysing firms to shape people’s opinion in favour of their candidates. Fake news and selective materials have infiltrated the social media platforms. It is said that several political parties across the globe won elections with the help of these firms.

    If our social, political, religious and personal opinions are shaped by others, do we experience real freedom? Even if one is confined to the walls of a cell, his/her mind can be free. If our mind is not free, even if we are living in a palace, we are not free. If somebody can control our mind we are mere puppets in their hands. We should not allow others to take away our freedom. We should watch over our freedom as our greatest possession.

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  • Q2

    What is your opinion on using ‘Artificial Intelligence’?


    The buzzword today is ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Science has succeeded in creating artificial intelligence that some people fear can replace human intelligence in the future. The theme of some Hollywood films, an era when machines rule over humans, may soon become a reality. Scientists have created robots that can think and take decisions. These robots can communicate with other robots. Using artificial intelligence they can solve problems, take decisions, make new inventions, and eventually come together for ruling over their human creators. The fear expressed in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein may come true. Today’s robots are much more advanced than Shelly’s Frankenstein.

    The scope of artificial intelligence is beyond one’s imagination. Nobody can predict the far reaching consequences. If we use artificial intelligence for good, human beings can reap immense benefits from it, because artificial intelligence is the best of intelligence pooled from many brains. It is the collective wisdom/knowledge of centuries of human existence. When the best human brain (such as that of Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawkins) thinks, only one brain is involved. But we can incorporate the collective knowledge of great scientists like Einstein, Hawkins and the other best minds involved in scientific research and inventions in artificial intelligence. So, artificial intelligence is not a single human being’s knowledge but the knowledge put together from hundreds or even thousands of brains.

    Just think about any one of us getting the intelligence of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. That person would become a super human being. The machines powered by artificial intelligence are much more intelligent. Their ability to think, analyze and communicate with other machines having artificial intelligence make them immensely powerful.

    Just in the case of atomic power, we can make use of this power for the betterment of human kind and the nature. But if something goes wrong the impact will unimaginable. These machines can destroy everything and create a world that they themselves control. Human kind may be wiped out for ever. Since machines will be able to survive without plants and animals nothing may be able to destroy them.

    These are all wild imaginations but, science is sometimes stranger than fiction. So, we should be careful in using artificial intelligence. We should not dig our own graves.

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  • Q3

    Write your reflections on negative side of modern facilities available to humans.


    Modern life style has become more sedentary and less active. People have all the convenience today. They need not exert themselves doing physical activities. They need not walk. Instead of climbing the steps they use elevators and lifts. Even for covering 100 meters, they use vehicles. They have no time for physical exercises. They don’t do household work. They have machines and even robots to do that. They have machines for almost every work – machines to clean the house, wash clothes, open and close the doors. Practically the whole time people are sitting. Their muscles are inactive.

    When we consider food habits, taste has overtaken quality and health. High calorie food has replaced healthy food that is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc.

    Junk food has become a status symbol in today’s society. People are well aware of its dangerous consequences. Even after knowing that consummation of junk food is the cause of many diseases, people continue to enjoy them.

    Many students are highly obese. Their life style is sedentary. They spend their time playing videogames, watching television, spending time with computer and smartphones. They eat heavy calorie food such as chips, burger, pizzas, etc. during the whole day. Many of them spend time before screens (TV, smartphone and computer) eating junk food. This has serious consequences. Many children are not able to walk for five minutes. They can’t play or do exercises. Many are sick, with diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

    The modern medicine offers facilities that are beyond human imagination. Robots can perform surgery more accurately than human surgeons. Better antibiotics and medicines are available in the market. But after all the miracles offered by modern medicine, people are all the more sick. There are super bugs that can challenge the best antibiotics available in the market. Medical treatment has become very expensive.

    In the previous century people were very healthy. They lived a life according to the laws of nature. They ate fresh, healthy, unadulterated food. Their food was not smeared with pesticides. Nobody used harmful chemicals to preserve the food.

    On one side we hail science and inventions. Because of the inventions of science life expectancy has gone up. We live a very comfortable life. But at the same time we have become dependent on machines. We don’t even make use of our brain. We don’t need to remember anything. Everything is available on the tip of our fingers.

    We have gone away from nature. People long to experience the nature in its purity. People dream about greenery, flowing rivers, fresh air and water. We boast about having fresh bottled water and air purifiers available in the market.

    I feel it is high time we embrace a life according to nature. We should live our life the way we are meant to live. Human body with its muscles is meant to move. Our hands should do manual labour. We should find time to enjoy nature. Only then our life will be worth living.

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  • Q4

    Write your reflections on the dangerous consequences of Environmental pollution.


    Environmental pollution is a cause for concern as it is one of the greatest problems that the world is facing today---environmental pollution keeps increasing---five types of environmental pollution, air, water, soil, noise and light---what causes air pollution---dangerous consequences of air pollution---harmful gases have damaged the ozone layer leading to global warming---what causes water pollution---waste products released into lakes, rivers and other water bodies; acid rain---soil contamination is a result of polluted water, fertilizers, hazardous chemicals spill---noise pollution happen due to aircraft noise and noise emanating from vehicles around---light pollution includes light trespass, over-illumination---measures to dip the harmful effects of pollution---role of government in keeping a check on vehicles, industries---urge environmentalists to work towards balancing the environment---come up with means to curb the elements of environment pollution

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  • Q5

    Women in developing countries are under privileged. Reflect on the statement and give your opinion.


    Women in developing countries are under privileged---we admit it or not, the female infanticide figure explains it all---dowry system still prevails in many countries and a girl child is looked upon as a burden in many households even today---women play a crucial role in the society, but they aren’t granted equal rights---people discriminate among their kids---the birth of a girl child is still seldom rejoiced in many developing countries---many countries have taken some steps towards the emancipation of women in the areas of education, employment and equal wages ---society needs to support the cause and ensure equal participation and involvement of the fairer sex in order to bring about their true development.

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