The Heart of the Tree

In the poem ‘The Heart of The Tree’, Henry Cuyler Bunner emphasizes the point that planting trees is in fact a beautiful thing. The poem is about the various gifts that a farmer bequeaths to society, Nature and the earth.
The poet urges us to plant more and more trees for our own good. The refrain ‘What does he plant who plants a tree?’ helps to enumerate the innumerable benefits of trees.
Henry Cuyler Bunner describes what is planted by a person when he actually plants a tree. When someone plants a tree, he not only plants a tree but plants a friend of the sun, the sky and the breeze.
A place full of greenery is nothing short of a heaven on Earth. He who plants trees provides a haven to innumerable birds whose sweet crooning delights us in twilight. By planting a tree he plants a storehouse of gifts for posterity.
The brightness of the sky, the warmth of the sun and the touch of the breeze are possible when he plants a tree. Trees help in maintaining the balance in the ecosystem which helps Man enjoy Nature.
Planting trees ensures cool shade for us and provides respite from the scorching heat of the Sun. The stems are like shafts of beauty which keep growing. The trees will bring rain and cool breezes to the environment and will become an identity of the habitat. They will keep providing food to numerous generations.
By growing a tree, a farmer brings joy and blessings to the neighbourhood. When trees are grown, the fertility of the soil increases. The more fertile the land, the higher the production of food and other resources. Ultimately this leads to the growth of the country. This growth in the economy is a boon for all.


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