Humidity and Precipitation

Humidity and Condensation

  • Hydrosphere comprises of water in different forms. Water is present in the form of water vapour, rivers, lakes and oceans, glaciers and underground water.
  • Earth is the only planet with large amount of surface water. More than 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with wat .... Read More

Water Balance

  • Water is found in the all three states of matter in everyday life. It is found in the solid state as ice form, in the liquid state as water and in the gaseous state as water vapour.
  • Different forms of water influence the earth and the living beings.
  • Water is found in .... Read More

Types and Distribution of Rainfall

  • The process by which, water from the atmosphere falls down on earth is known as precipitation. No change in state of water is involved in this process.
  • The main types of precipitation are rain, drizzle, snow, sleet, and hail.
  • Precipitation, which reaches ground in th .... Read More

Weather and Climate

  • The atmospheric conditions of the place where we live in, keep on changing every day. The state of the atmosphere at any particular place or time is called weather.
  • The average weather condition of a place for a longer period of time represents the climate of a place.
  • .... Read More

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