Deciduous Forest

  • The word "Deciduous" means "falling off or out at a certain season". Vegetation composed primarily of broad-leaved trees that shed all their leaves during one season.
  • The regions experiencing West European type of climate are located between 40° and 60° North and South latitudes. Most of these regions are found on the western margin of the continents.
  • West-European type of climate is under the influence of rain-bearing Westerlies. The temperature remains mild for most of the year in these regions. Distinct seasons are experienced in these regions. These are: summer, autumn, winter and, spring.
  • Natural vegetation found in West European type of regions is Deciduous Forest. The trees shed their leaves in autumn. This leaf-shedding period is known as Fall Period.
  • Some of the important trees found in these forests are oak, elm, birch, maple, beech and, poplar.
  • Very few wild animals are found in these forests. Some of the common animals seen here are deer, foxes, wolves, hare, squirrels, hedgehogs and, beavers.
  • Lot of economic development is taking place in the regions experiencing West European type of climate. Some of the major fields where economic development is taking place are mining and manufacturing, fishing, grazing, dairying, lumbering and, agriculture. There are many industries found in this region, which contribute to the economic development of this region.
  • The North-western part of Europe is industrially developed.
  • Fishing is one of the major occupations of countries lying on the sea coast. West Europe possesses one of the world’s major fisheries.
  • Cattle and sheep are raised in large numbers in Australia and New Zealand. Fine pasture lands for grazing of animals is available in these countries.
  • Mild temperature found throughout this region is favourable to the dairy industry.
  • Lumbering is an important economic activity in British Columbia and southern Norway.
  • Agriculture is combined with dairy farming in many European countries.
  • Germany is a highly industrialised country with Ruhr valley being its most important industrial region. Ruhr region of Germany is the centre of the Iron and Steel Industry. Various other industries are also located in this region.

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