• The world is divided into various climatic regions. Every climatic region has some diversity. Likewise, Mediterranean climatic region also has some distinct features.
  • Mediterranean region is located between latitudes 30° and 45° north and south of the equator. This region lies mostly on the western margin of the continents.
  • In South America, it is found in Central Chile. In Africa, Mediterranean region is found in, Morocco, Coastal area of Algeria, Tunisia, Coastal areas of Libya and parts of South Africa. Parts of coastal Turkey, Syria, Israel and Lebanon in Asia have Mediterranean type of climate. In Europe, all the countries around Mediterranean Sea also called Mediterranean basin have this type of climate. In North America, Mediterranean climate is found around San Francisco. In Australia, the regions around Perth and Adelaide have this climate.
  • This region experiences hot dry summers with clear sky and plenty of sunshine. Winters are mild and wet. Annual average rainfall varies between 35 cm to 75 cm. Westerlies blow in winters and bring rainfall to the coastal areas.
  • Local Winds that blow in this region are Mistral, Bora, Sirocco, Westerly, and Lavente.
  • The vegetation of this region is adapted in various ways. Mainly deciduous vegetation is found in this region. Vegetation mainly consists of dwarf trees and shrubs. Moisture retentive trees like citrus fruit trees are mainly found in this region. Important trees of this region are almond, walnut, fig, orange, lemon, lime, cork and olive.
  • Important bushes found in this region are: lavender, rosemary, myrtle, laurel, etc.
  • There is limited wildlife in this region. Regions around Mediterranean Sea are thickly populated.
  • Intensive type of agriculture is practiced in this region. The main crops grown in this region are olive, orange, apricots, and grapes.
  • Important industries of this region are wine, textile, perfume, food processing, cork, and tourism. The products of industries and agriculture of Mediterranean region are in great demand throughout the world.

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