Temperate Grassland

  • Temperate grasslands are leveled and treeless plains. These grasslands across the world have distinct landforms, which are determined by the local climate and diverse flora and fauna.
  • Temperate grasslands are found between the latitudes 40° and 55° north and south of the equator.
  • •They are distributed in the interior of the continents. These grasslands are known by different names in different continents, like:
  1. Prairies in North America
  2. Steppes in Eurasia
  3. Manchuria in Asia
  4. Pampas in South America
  5. Veld in Africa, and
  6. Downs in Australia
  • Temperate grasslands are characterized by continental type of climate where summer is short and warm, winter is long and cold, and rainfall is moderate and uneven.
  • Main vegetation includes grasses. Trees are scanty in this region. Two main types of grasses of this region are Prairie grass and Steppe grass.
  • Important trees of this region are willows, alders, and poplars.
  • Animals found in these grasslands are Prairie dog, Bison, Kangaroo, dingo dog, antelopes, etc. Birds found in temperate grasslands are, Rhea of Pampas, Ostrich of Veld and Emu of Downs.
  • Kirghiz, Native Americans, and Hottentots, etc., are the main tribes found in these Grasslands.
  • Most of the native people from temperate grasslands are adapted to their surroundings.
  • The temperate grasslands have four phases of economic development:
  1. Nomadic Herding
  2. Commercial Herding
  3. Extensive Agriculture
  4. Food Processing Industries
  • Prairies of North America are important temperate grasslands.
  • These are surging plains varying from 150 metres in the east to about 450 metres in the west. Agriculture is the most important occupation in the prairies and wheat is the most important crop. Winters and spring wheat are sown in this region.
  • Farms in the Canadian Prairies are very large. The farms are managed through modern scientific methods. Standard of living of people in these farms is very high.

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  • Q1

    List the main animals found in the temperate grassland of North America.


    i) Bison ii) Coyotes iii) Gophers iv) Rabbits v) Prairie dogs

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  • Q2

    State the latitudinal extension of the location of temperate grassland.


    Temperate grassland is found between 40° and 55° north and south latitude.

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  • Q3

    What are the temperate grasslands of North America called?



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  • Q4

    Why are temperate grasslands treeless?


    Temperate grasslands are located in the interiors of the continents where they do not get the sufficient rainfall thus, have the area without trees.

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  • Q5

    Name the tribes lived in the Prairies of North America.


    Sioux, Pawnee, Cheyenne and Comanche

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