Tropical Monsoon

  • Tropical monsoon climatic region is normally located between 10° and 25° North and South of the equator. In India, it extends up to 30° North latitude.
  • Tropical monsoon climatic region lies mostly in the eastern margins of the continents. The areas or the countries which experience tropical monsoon type of climate are:
  1. Asiatic regions
  2. Central America
  3. South America
  • Asiatic regions: Areas like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, South China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Philippines that all comes under this Asiatic region.
  • Central America: Countries like West Indies fall under this region.  
  • South America: Eastern Brazil in this region have experienced with this type climate.
  • Apart from these areas, North-Eastern Australia, parts of east Africa and Malagasy also experience the tropical monsoon type of climate.
  • The monsoon circulation of Asia exhibits an onshore flow of air that is the air moving from ocean towards land during the summer. Other is, offshore air flows that mean the air moving from land toward water during the winter or low-sun season.
  • The tropical monsoon climate experiences abundant rainfall like the tropical rain forest climate. But, being located near the equator, this region also experiences warm temperature throughout the year.
  • Vegetation of this region is mainly tropical monsoon type forest.
  • Most of trees are deciduous trees which shed all their leaves over the same period of time.  
  • The trees shed their leaves during the dry season leaves to prevent loss of water by transpiration.
  • Roots are deep to anchor into the soil firmly and provide good support for the trees.
  • Deep roots also allow the trees to tap the underground water during the dry seasons.
  • The common trees found in this type of forest are: Teak, sal, acacia, rosewood, sandalwood and bamboo.
  • Most common animals found in this region are: monkeys, lizards, iguanas, birds, Hippopotamus, snake, python, Frog, Crocodile, elephants, langoors.
  • The monsoon lands are the most densely populated and agriculturally rich regions in the world.
  • The main crops grown in the wetlands are: Rice, Jute, sugarcane, wheat, millets, pulses, tobacco.
  • The chief plantation crop of this monsoon lands is Tea. Apart from tea, other commercial crops are coffee, oilseeds, rubber and coconut.

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