Weathering and Denudation

Weathering -Types and Effects

  • Our earth is a dynamic body. It is continuously changing. The changes on earth’s surface are a result of geomorphic processes.
  • Geomorphological processes are natural mechanisms of weathering, erosion and deposition that result in the modification of surficial materials an .... Read More

Work of River

  • Rivers are very important for humankind. People have settled on the banks of rivers since the earliest times. It is due to the availability of water for drinking, bathing, cooking and cultivation of crops.
  • Different types of landforms are formed as a result of work of river. La .... Read More

Work of Winds

  • Wind is capable of picking up loose debris, and transporting it to another location. This process is known as wind erosion.
  • The action of wind is most prevalent in the deserts.
  • On the basis of their surface and the type of soil covering it, deserts may be of three ty .... Read More

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