Heat and Energy

  • Earth is surrounded by atmosphere. The atmosphere acts as a warming blanket of air around the earth.
  • The earth’s atmosphere contains small amount of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, water vapors and other gases in the atmosphere known as greenhouse gases.
  • Greenhouse gases help in increasing the temperature of the earth by retaining heat through a process known as greenhouse effect.
  • This phenomenon of rising the temperature of earth’s surface due to presence of greenhouse gases is known as global warming.
  • Consequences of global warming are warming of oceans, melting of glacier, dislocation and disappearance of plant and animal species and generation of new diseases and health issues etc.
  • Different ways that should be implemented to prevent global warming are Technological measures which include generation of electricity by using renewable sources of energy, using bio-char stoves for cooking etc. Economic measures include reforestation and paying carbon tax to government and policy measures include educating children and population control.

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