Measurements and Experimentation

Units for Measurement

•    Measurement is the comparison of an unknown quantity with a known quantity which is known as ‘Unit of Measurement’. For the measurement of any physical quantity a constant quantity is chosen as a standard which we called a unit. The standard quantity is matche .... Read More

Measurement of Length

•    Different instruments such as a metre scale, vernier callipers and a screw gauge can be used to measure length of different objects. For correct measurement of length, few important steps are to choose correct instrument, correct placement of the scale, and  while fi .... Read More

Measurement of Time

•    Time is defined as an interval between two events. Second (s) is considered as the standard unit of time. Many clocks work on the principle of simple pendulum.
•    Simple pendulum consists of a heavy, point mass suspended by an inextensible or .... Read More

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