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Evaluate and Assess your Progress through Online Tests

Extramarks firmly believes in the philosophy of successful knowledge transfer being substantiated with high grades. Continuous, consistent and frequent exam rehearsals are hence, necessary to ensure readiness, confidence and success in a learning system.

‘Test,’ the ultimate feature in the LPT paradigm is a collection of tools exclusively devised for self-evaluation and ascertaining scores.

It comprises of different types of assessments, which ensure highest standard of readiness to face the exams. Under this phase, students also get exposed to a virtual simulation of examination environment, thus minimizing stress and anxiety associated with tests.

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Adaptive Tests – Subjective and Objective

This feature includes the following services:

MCQ Test Lab Skill Online
MCT Group Quiz

Through the tools offered in ‘Test,’ learners can access numerous practice papers of their own, both for final as well as mid-term assessments. Tools like Lab Skill Online help prepare for lab experiments by simulating a virtual laboratory on students’ smart devices. In addition, students appearing for board examinations get valuable access to previous years’ papers, as well as model test papers – both solved – to aid preparation and ensure success.