• Shruthi


    Hi, I am Shruthi, a member of extramarks.com. Thank you sooooo much for your effort. I used to get 62% or 64% in my exams but this time I have scored 86%. Hats off to you guys... Thank You

  • Saurav

    British English School -

    O my dear friend Extramarks, really you dont know I was so weak that i was getting only 49%. But this exam I got 77% and i expect that next exam will be better for me, i.e., I will get 90+%. But I think you should even add sanskrit to extramarks. This year I got only 61 marks in this subject and a girl scored the highest of 73 marks. We really felt ashamed. And this year the 1st ranker was also a girl. Actually the boy who used to come 1st in our class was selected in FIITJEE and now in second level NTSE. So now he is at Delhi in FIITJEE and there also he is a topper. But next exam I promise you that I will come 1st in my class with 95% and above.
    Really I thank you a lot. Thanks a lot Extramarks.

  • Shalini


    "Hi. I thank you all for helping me improve in my academics. It was due to your extra effort that I managed to score above average marks in all my terminal exams, which has definitely given me an edge over my friends.
    Thank you Extramarks for all the support."

  • Pratik

    ST JOSEPH SCHOOL (2283) -

    I got 93.14 %
    thank you Extramarks

  • Ayush kumar


    Thank you for your kindness. I have passed my class with aggregate of 95.7 percent.

  • Ishika

    ST. TERESA (6131) -

    Hi, I am Ishika. I am very happy because I have got 1st rank in class. Sorry to inform you too late. I have scored 95% marks.
    Thanks Extramarks for your help.

  • Raka

    Kendriya Vidyalaya JNU Campus -

    I stood first in my class and won many prizes in co-curricular activities too. Plz help us in studying this year too. I will surely give updates from my class. Our class teacher teaches us science if you want any information about us you guys can take.

  • Ananya


    Now I am in class Ninth. I hope for your great support this year also.

  • Niranjan


    Hi thanks. I passed my 7th std with excellent marks topping the class. Since our academic year starts from april I will be back to school with new energy and enthu . I am more thrilled because CBSE has changed the pattern and also new syallabus which runs with the latest updates.
    Thanks to extramarks.com . I wish I will continue with same excellence in my studies.
    Thaks for the suport from extramarks .com

  • Soumya


    Ya i have done very good in ma exams and i am very thankful for the help from extramarks and I have been promoted to the next class !!!