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360 Degree Approach

Learn, Practice & Test - completing the full cycle of learning

Extramarks believes in educating their students with the best and simple process of teaching. Extramarks follows 3 simple steps to teach students. First, comprehensive concepts through various multimedia platforms. Second, Practice through several interactive exercises and Third, taking online tests.


Consists of rich multimedia learning modules that help students Engage, Explore and Explain concepts across subjects, grades and age groups.


The Practice modules help students deepen the conceptual understanding and expand and elaborate their learning through application, activities, game based practice modules, simulations and interactive platforms.


The Test section allows evaluation of learning and possibility of challenging one self at each level as one qualifies and moves to the next.

We make your learning more effective and engaging

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Why Extramarks?

We give you flexibility to study at your own convenience at any given time, at any place maintaining the continuity of concepts from school to home.

Vast Library

Huge repository of engaging animations and question banks.


Track your progress through the curriculum with the 'Progress' feature.


Invite a 'mentor' to monitor and supervise your performance anytime.


Organise and schedule your study plans with 'Scheduler'.

Special solutions for specific needs

Board Exams

Hassle free board exams prepareation


The Perfect Recipe to a Great SAT Score


The ultimate platform to boost your score online

What people have to say about us...

  • Huge repository of question and answer is available, which is very useful for me and my students as I can prepare question paper easily and it make my student practice efficiently.

  • I enjoy studying from this website as the online content is very helpful and interactive.

  • For this FA II exam, I taught my child from Extramarks and his scores are above my expectations. Thank You Extramarks for your support.

  • I have been Using extramarks.com for almost three years now. I have a great liking for this site. this has been proved very helpful to me as a teacher and to my students as well.

  • Extramarks helps me to learn chapters very easily and helps me to know better by virtual labs and videos.

  • Extramarks really uses a great way to improve children. Me and other students of my school like the smart classes provided by our school because of the amazing presentations and animations of Extramarks