SAT Introduction

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About SAT

This exam is the baseline for admission to any American college. For international students, provision has been made by the College Board, to administer the test in multiple countries on a pre-determined date (held 6 times a year).

SAT Pattern

The College Board has transitioned from its old format to a new one. The sweeping changes impact the content, format, and scoring which are applicable from the Spring 2016 Test.

Extramarks Offerings

We make the exam experience more realistic with our Free Diagnostic test for students. Apparently, providing a snapshot of the students' readiness for SAT, we provide a Personalized Recommendation Plan. Further unlimited full length test and productive tutorials to blaze your score.

Course Feature

Video galore, the main attraction for students is also the layered approach to prepare for the exams. Parents are kept well informed about the student with the performance trackers.