Extramarks Career Assessment Program

Take the revamped Extramarks CAP Test. Explore your true potential with latest parameters of abilities.

Extramarks Career Assessment Program (CAP) is a comprehensive career counseling program for learners from grade 9 to 12. It is a scientifically designed and approved career guidance program that helps learners to decide right stream, course and career selection in accordance to their personality and abilities.

Extramarks CAP is a combination of scientifically developed psychometric test and personalized students counselling by experts. It measures inherent aptitude and unique personality of each learner.This is an ideal tool to identify the students' strengths. It assists them in selecting the right career by matching their abilities, career preference areas and personality traits.

Students opting for this program take the CAP test, receive a personalized and detailed report card followed by counselling.

CAP Test

A form of Psychometric assessment, CAP Test is a standard method used to measure ability, skills and personality traits of an individual and assist him/her in opting for the right career path. The duration of online psychometric test is 1 hour 16 minutes. It includes

  • Personality Test
    Personality Test
    Personality plays a vital role in choosing the right career. This test measures the natural behaviour of a learner in different situations.
  • Aptitude Test
    Aptitude Test
    Aptitude is a person's ability to perform different tasks naturally. It is crucial to identify what a learner is good at vis-a-vis what he thinks he is good at.
  • Career Interest Test
    Career Interest Test
    Learners are asked to select the career options in which they are interested and which they would like to pursue. We then map the career fields of interest to their personality and aptitude.

Report Card

After submitting the test, learners receive a detailed graphical report card explaining different attributes and traits of their personality,aptitude and the possible career options.

Students Counselling

A thorough analysis is done by counsellors followed by career mapping of interest to their personality and aptitude. Based on the result of CAP Test and their academic scores in particular, the career counsellors discuss with students in detail about their aspiration, academic scores, hobbies and interests. The counsellors then suggest the most suitable career fields, courses and career options after 12th and graduation. The students are also recommended the best colleges in India and Abroad, information on entrance exams and options for higher studies.

Relevance of CAP

Extramarks CAP is relevant for learners as well as parents. Most of us are ignorant of our inherent potential which leads to confusion while deciding a stream, course or career.Parents too are generally drawn towards careers which are assumed to be more fruitful and admired. As a result, an unfit course selection puts learners in a precarious situation that they barely manage to cope with it. This is detrimental to their confidence and their ability to excel in that field. The stress, which the learner and the parents face, becomes an inevitable result of this unfortunate selection.

Extramarks CAP plays a vital role in screening every individual's talent. CAP assists in identifying possible course and career options for a learner which has a higher margin of success, leading to a happy and successful professional life.

USPs of Extramarks CAP

  • First tailor-made career aptitude test for school students to be offered in both Online and Offline mode
  • Standardized on more than 2000 school students across India through a complete Psychological, Statistical and Technical process of Reliability and Validity.
  • Students get a personalized and detailed report card after taking the test
  • Test results are followed by a Group/Telephone/Face-to-Face counselling
  • Test Duration: 1 hour 16 minutes only