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March 16, 2023 | By: Extramarks

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Are you tired of the stress and financial burden of preparing for India’s entrance exams? We understand the struggle that students and families face when it comes to traditional coaching centers that require relocation and high costs.

That’s why we’ve created an alternative solution that provides students with the same level of competitive exam coaching without the need to relocate or spend a fortune.

Our School Integrated Program is designed to help schools offer exam preparation for some of the toughest entrance exams in India, such as JEE, NEET, Olympiads, NTSE, and KVPY. By working with schools, our program provides students with a strong foundation in the subjects they will be tested on in these exams. We provide access to live online classes, which are conducted by experienced teachers who are experts in the subjects they teach.

One of the core benefits of our School Integrated Program is that students no longer have to travel to distant cities like Kota and spend a fortune on coaching. Instead, they can get the same level of competitive exam coaching in their own schools. We understand that this not only saves time and money but also provides a more convenient and comfortable learning experience for students.

Our program is a game-changer for schools, providing them with an innovative and cost-effective way to enable their students to excel in the JEE and NEET exams. With our complete support and customizable preparatory packages, schools can easily implement the program and create a stimulating environment for test preparation. We provide not only operational assistance with equipment, software, and training but also give complete flexibility to schools to align the program with their curriculum. This way, schools can consistently produce top rankers without having to bear huge infrastructural and manpower costs.

At Extramarks Education, we believe that every school has unique needs and requirements when it comes to preparing its students for entrance exams. That’s why our program is highly flexible and can be customized to meet the specific needs of a school and its students. We offer three categories: Enabler, Empower, and Provider.

The Enabler and Empower categories include the added benefits of interactive learning through live lectures by experienced Extramarks mentors. Our mentors provide live doubt-solving during classes, with extra classes scheduled exclusively for doubt resolutions. This way, students can get the help they need to succeed in their exams.

In the Provider category, we offer students a supportive learning environment through our Learning App. The App comes with various self-study tools such as in-depth study material, access to recorded lectures, practice tests with detailed results & performance analysis. This category is perfect for students who prefer to study at their own pace and in their own time.

We understand that every student has different learning needs, which is why our program is designed to provide a flexible, personalized, and engaging learning experience.

We have a team of experts with vast experience in delivering top ranks. Our team prepares students for competitive exams through a 2-way interactive smart classroom, which is a state-of-the-art digital ecosystem providing a seamless preparation experience.

In addition to the smart classroom, our program includes a range of value-added services, such as counseling and mentoring, which are designed to help students navigate the challenges of exam preparation.

“At Extramarks, we have a rich legacy of partnering with schools to enable them to become smart institutions,” says Ritvik Kulsreshtha, CEO of ExtraMarks. “The School Integrated Program is the latest addition to our portfolio of services and is designed to empower schools to attract and retain their top students. It provides a comprehensive and effective approach to exam preparation that is both convenient and affordable, and we are confident that it will help schools achieve their full potential and succeed in their exams.”

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