Benefits of NCERT Solutions

There are several benefits of NCERT Solutions but a few of them are listed below.

1. It provides step-by-step solutions for clear understanding.

2. Extramarks has kept NCERT Solutions free of cost.

3. Solutions are in a detailed and systematic manner for every chapter.

4. CBSE Class 11 NCERT Solutions allow the student to settle easily in the stream which they have chosen.

5. It is given in a simple language that is easy to understand for class 11 students.

Tips & Strategies for Class11 Exam Preparation

1. Study NCERT Solutions given on Extramarks website.

2. Study using Extramarks – The Learning App, and prepare through interactive learning video modules.

3. Practice using the sample papers available on the learning app.

4. Prepare a time table and save time for revision.

5. Get concept clarity by attending lie classes from the best teachers in the country

Why opt for Extramarks NCERT Solutions for Class 11 ?

Whether practicing at home or in class, these solutions will come in handy as you will keep on solving questions in less time and cross verifying your answers simultaneously. Extramarks Education aims to help class 11 students understand concepts in a comprehensive way so that their base is strong for class 12 board exams and competitive exams

Frequently Asked Questions

Class 11 Maths solutions for NCERT are sufficient for exam practice as they contain everything that student needs to study for the exam. There are also sample papers available on Extramarks - The Learning App that the students can use.
If you have trouble learning chemistry for class 11 then you can use the class 11 chemistry solutions that are given in detail. The NCERT solutions are self-explanatory and will help you in learning the subject of chemistry better.
Yes, Extramarks provides solutions for all subjects for Class 11 CBSE. NCERT solutions for class 11 are available on the website and also on Extramarks - The Learning App. Students can use these NCERT solutions to prepare for the exams
NCERT Solutions are self-explanatory and descriptive. They are designed keeping in mind the needs of students who skim through study material instead of delving deep into it. The interactive study modules have also been designed to help students ace their exams without finding the solutions boring. Class 11 is the foundation of class 12 board exams so it is best that students start studying a year before the board exams happen.
To secure good marks in Class 11, you must follow these tips:
1. Study NCERT solutions for class 11 from Extramarks website or Extramarks - The Learning App.
2. Make a timetable and organize your studies. Manage your timetable, prioritize important topics and finish up your syllabus chapter by chapter.
3. Make notes depending on the gravity of the subject. Make brief notes and keep them handy so you can study them right before the exam.
4. Save time for relaxing activities like meditation, walking, sleeping, etc.
5. Eat a healthy meal and sleep regularly.
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