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  • JEE Premium Practice Pack

    Get ready to ace your JEE game with exhaustive practice questions and specially curated tests based on updated exam pattern.

    Subjects covered: Physics, Chemistry, Maths


    • Personalised and Recommended Tests
    • Instant Resolution to your image and text based queries
    • Exhaustive Practice Questions created by experts
    • Full and Part Length Mock Tests and Test Series
    • Customisable Tests
    • Intelligent backed In-depth Analytics
    JEE Virtual Classroom Pack

    Prepare for JEE with Live Sessions taken by foremost JEE experts, with instant question resolution and Recorded Sessions for revising and replaying at your own pace and space.


    • Live Classes conducted by JEE experts
    • Query Resolution Sessions
    • Recorded Sessions
    • Homework, Worksheets and Weekly Test Series
    • Full and Part Length Mock Tests
    • Previous Year Papers
    • In-Depth Intelligence Backed Reports and Analysis
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    We at Extramarks have highly experienced faculties, who will help you to develop excellence in academics, sharpen your aptitude/competitive skills and groom from all perspective.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, callbacks are not made in case the customer support number was busy when you called. You can drop a mail on customersupport@extramarks.com and ask them to arrange a call back for you or you can call back again on our customer service number 1800-102-5301.
    For customers who have not enrolled, we provide a 7 days trial period at zero cost where they can access our demo content and can enroll in the course whenever they want.
    Extramarks provides students with a self- Study module containing rich multimedia and engrossing content, enabling the student to have better retention and learn in a fun way. This makes concepts more engaging, which is not possible in schools or coaching classes. Extramarks is essentially a combination of education and technology. The blended learning approach makes learning seem effortless.
    Our course range caters competitive exams such as JEE, NEET.
    Our Premium Plan focuses on the 2 main aspects of studies: - Strong fundamentals (through Learn). - Evaluation (Through Test). Our premium plan provides a 360-degree approach to education through our rich media, which consists of -Videos -Adaptive tests -Previous year question papers along with solutions and many services.
    Reports are automatically synced and updated based on your performance and content consumption.
    Yes, you can use extramarks for free but only for 7 days trial period. We do not provide free services because our courses are dedicatedly created, nurtured and developed by experts who build and modify the content on a regular basis.Offline access is not provided as of now and can be purchased only in online mode. Unlimited number of Mock Test, Previous Year Papers can be accessed for all courses.
    No, single subjects are not provided by Extramarks. Note: No foreign languages or regional languages are provided.
    To cancel your order, you can call on the helpline number or drop a mail to customersupport@extramarks.com along with your registered mobile number. Note - Cancellation of the package is not possible after 7 days of the delivery of the package. If you want to purchase the package again, you can call on the helpline number.
    Yes, The payment done on extramarks is secure.
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    Yes, You can use any mobile number. You will receive an OTP on the mobile number you use and you will be registered. It will be your registered mobile number throughout.
    No, you will not receive any notification regarding any released offer, but you can check our website regularly for updates on offers.
    Yes, you would be eligible for discounts if you buy multiple year packages.
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    You can mail the following details to customersupport@extramarks.com from your registered email ID or call on our customer support number 1800-102-5301.
    You can ask for a refund within 7 days of the activation of your subscription in case of online purchase of the product, or within 7 days of the delivery of the offline courses.
    A cancellation fee of Rs. 1000/- per class is applicable.