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What does it mean to win the
Extramarks Scholarship?

  • Master each topic with fun and interactive learning and practice content
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Who can register for the Extramarks Scholarship Test?

Registration for the Extramarks Scholarship Test can be done by students and schools (for their students).

I am a student; how can I register for the Extramarks Scholarship Test?

To register yourself in the Extramarks Scholarship Test, login to your Learning App, go to the Extramarks Scholarship Test banner, select the desired slot, and register.

I am a school; how can I conduct the Extramarks Scholarship Test for my students?

Schools can register their students through their Extramarks admin portal, or by getting in touch with their EM Point of Contact. Our Customer Support is also available at 1800-102-5301.

Is there any registration fee?

No. Extramarks Scholarship Test is free for both students and the schools.

I am interested in writing EMST. Am I eligible for it?

Students from Class 8th to 12th+ who are aspiring for IIT JEE and NEET are eligible for the Extramarks Scholarship Test.

What is the syllabus for each class?

The syllabus is based on NCERT and grade appropriate Mental Aptitude syllabus.

What is the exam pattern?

The Extramarks Scholarship Test comprises 30 Multiple Choice Questions over a total duration of 60 mins.

I am a student interested in EMST. What modes are available for taking the exam?

Students can take the exam in online mode through app or website.

I am a school interested in EMST. What modes are available for conducting EMST?

Your students can attempt EMST in both offline (pen-paper mode) and online modes.

What are the system requirements to take the test?

A mobile device, desktop, or laptop with a good internet connection is required to attempt EMST.

I am a student. I registered for the scholarship test, but now I want to change the slot. Can I do it?

Yes, you can change your slot for the Extramarks Scholarship Test, subject to availability. In case you have been enrolled by your school, contact them for the same.

I am a school. I want to change the slot(s) for conducting EMST. Can I do it?

Yes, you can connect with your EM Point of Contact or call on EM’s Customer Support Number – 1800-102-5301 to make changes.

I am registering for the scholarship test as a student. When can I expect the result?

Results will be declared within 7 business days after the last date of the Extramarks Scholarship Test.

I am a school registering for the test. When can I get the result?

Results will be shared within 7 business days of conducting Extramarks Scholarship Test at your school.