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November 21, 2023 | By: Extramarks

Smart Scholar

In the dynamic landscape of Indian education, Extramarks Smart Scholar is the largest STEM competition, providing students and schools with a transformative opportunity. This competition has the potential to bring significant positive changes, implying a fundamental shift in how students approach learning and excel in STEM subjects. It emphasizes growth, development, and positive outcomes associated with being part of Extramarks Smart Scholar. Beyond testing academic prowess, the competition is a celebration of knowledge, recognition of excellence, and a pathway for schools to shine in STEM. Offering prizes totaling Rs. 2 crore, it is not just an assessment but a profound celebration of education.

Empowering Students for Academic Excellence

Smart Scholar

Extramarks Smart Scholar is meticulously designed to empower students from 7th to 11th grade, transcending traditional academic boundaries. The online competition challenges students to showcase STEM proficiency, aligning seamlessly with CBSE standards. With carefully crafted syllabi, the competition evaluates students comprehensively, going beyond rote memorization.

Classes 7th to 10th face a 60-minute test with 30 questions, spanning current and previous CBSE classes.

11th-grade students, gearing up for JEE, encounter a 90-minute test with 45 questions, covering 10th CBSE and 11th JEE syllabi.

Aspiring medical professionals face a challenging 90-minute test with 100 questions, covering the 10th CBSE and 11th NEET syllabi.

Recognition and Rewards Beyond the Ordinary

Extramarks Smart Scholar goes beyond traditional assessments, recognizing and rewarding excellence at national, zonal, and state levels. Captivating rewards include Apple MacBooks, iPads, 100% scholarships on Extramarks test preparation, medals, and certificates. The competition not only applauds individual brilliance but also acknowledges collective efforts. The school with maximum participation at the state level stands a chance to win a Smart LED and Trophy, along with revision class access.

Choosing Excellence

Extramarks Smart Scholar is at the forefront of educational evolution, offering an inclusive opportunity for schools and students. This initiative represents the largest STEM competition in India, promising rewards and a brighter future. It ensures accessibility for all, welcoming students from diverse backgrounds to be part of a revolutionary shift in education.

Accessible for All

Extramarks Smart Scholar is designed to be inclusive, providing a level playing field for students across the nation. It doesn’t merely cater to the academically elite but welcomes every student willing to explore and excel in STEM subjects. The competition embraces diversity and strives to unearth potential in unexpected places, fostering a culture of equal opportunities.

Important Dates

For those eager to participate and embark on this transformative journey, mark your calendars! The Extramarks Smart Scholar competition is scheduled to commence on 20th November. It’s not just an exam; it’s a chance to shine, to be recognized, and to contribute to the paradigm shift in STEM education.

How to Register?

Ready to seize this opportunity? Registration is a straightforward process open for both schools and students.

For Schools

Click on the “Register as School” CTA on the webpage www.extramarks.com/scholarship, login, or sign up as an institute, and click on the “Enroll Now” button on the banner. An Extramarks SPOC will promptly get in touch with you to enroll your school students for exams.

For Students

Click on the “Register as Student” CTA on the webpage, log in or sign up as a student, and click on the “Enroll Now” button on the banner. Take the test once it’s live post-20th Nov’ 2023.

Visit the official Extramarks Smart Scholar page at www.extramarks.com/scholarship to register. We’re live and ready for aspiring students and schools to sign up and be part of India’s Biggest STEM Competition. Take the first step towards a brighter future in STEM education.

Extramarks Smart Scholar is not just an exam; it’s a movement toward innovation, integration, and accessible excellence. Join the ranks of schools and students ready to redefine education. The competition is not about exclusivity; it’s about inclusivity, not about limitations; it’s about possibilities. Be a part of Extramarks Smart Scholar, where every student has the chance to shine, and every school has the opportunity to be the School of Choice.


In conclusion, Extramarks Smart Scholar isn’t just a competition; it’s a catalyst for academic growth. It’s an opportunity for students to showcase their talents, schools to bask in academic glory, and education to witness a paradigm shift. As India’s Biggest STEM Competition, it promises rewards and a brighter future.

Extramarks Smart Scholar is poised to redefine STEM education, ensuring that the journey of learning is as rewarding as the destination of success. It’s an investment in the future, a commitment to excellence, and a beacon guiding students and schools towards a future where knowledge reigns supreme. With a few more words, Extramarks Smart Scholar emerges not just as a competition but as a transformative force shaping the educational landscape.

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