ICSE Question Paper

ICSE Previous Years Question Papers 

Students are prepared from a young age for the class 10 ICSE examination, which is considered the first of many milestones in their academic lives. Their understanding and knowledge up to that class are tested in this mega examination, which demands dedicated effort and strategic preparation. It is important to perform well in order to distinguish oneself from peers and improve one’s chances of obtaining a higher level of education. To help students ace the first-ever critical examination of their lives, Extramarks brings you the ICSE class 10-question paper with answers. These papers are put together by subject matter experts and consist of the top questions that are most likely to be asked in the current year’s examination. They will give students a clear idea of what to expect from their examination paper in terms of the questions, marks allotment, and time limit. 

Students can use these papers to strengthen their foundations in each subject, identify key weaknesses, and work on them to secure high marks in the examination. You will find previous years’ question papers for ICSE for all subjects. Just download the question papers and start working on them to get a clear assessment of your performance and time management skills. 

Download ICSE Class 10 Question Papers All Subjects from Extramarks 

ICSE class 10 question papers are vital in every student’s successful preparation for one of the most critical examinations of their lives. Using these papers, you can prepare well since all the important questions are covered, and most are repeated in subsequent years. However, it may be challenging to find every year’s question paper online free of cost, which is why Extramarks brings you the ultimate ICSE solutions in the form of easy-to-download online. 

Dedicating at least the last two to three months before the final examination towards revision through these question papers will ensure that you are well-prepared. You will identify your key strengths as well as unique weak spots and can work on them accordingly. Through efficient time management, you should be able to increase the speed of each paper that you work on. These ICSE important questions have been compiled by subject matter experts, keeping in mind your overall success. 

ICSE Class 10 Question Paper 

No matter which subject’s ICSE question paper for the previous years you’re looking for, Extramarks has them all. Strengthen your roots and assess your knowledge and performance in all subjects by working through these sample papers. They are easily accessible and full of valuable insights. 

Download ICSE Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers with Answers 

With Extramarks, you will be able to find ICSE Class 10 question papers with answers for all subjects, including History & Civics, Geography, Mathematics, English, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. It is important that students dedicate enough time to practicing their entire syllabus through these previous years’ question papers, as they will give them a clear idea of the question paper pattern, marks distribution, as well as difficulty level. 

ISC & ICSE syllabus is student-friendly, and the examination paper seldom includes questions outside the scope of the syllabus. Even so, it is vital that students do their due diligence in identifying weak spots and work on them. Through the ICSE sample question papers, your time management capabilities will improve as much as your performance. This is very vital as it will give you enough time to revise your examination paper once you’re done with it. So, once your syllabus is complete and you’ve done at least two to three rounds of revision for every subject, sit down with these sample papers and assess your knowledge. 

Advantages of ICSE Question Paper 

  • Regular practice using these question papers for ICSE will give you a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses. You can work on your weak spots accordingly
  • Naturally, these question papers will help you prepare better for your main examinations
  • You will clearly understand the mark breakdown, the time you need to allow for each question, the question paper pattern, and more
  • Most importantly, these ICSE class 10-question papers will let you know the topic-by-topic marking methodology. You can strategize your answers in a manner that scores you good marks without taking too much of your time

Preparation Tips for ICSE Examinations 

  • The most important thing to do is to start studying as soon as possible. Dedicate time each day towards completing your syllabus so that you’re not burdened at the last minute.
  • Create a strict timetable and follow it religiously. Depending on the difficulty level, you can make a list of all the subjects and decide to allot time for studying two to three subjects each day. If there is some subject that you find particularly challenging, keep aside an entire day to understand and prepare for it
  • Before you attempt or take up any question papers, make sure you’re thorough with your textbooks, reference materials, and classroom notes
  • Once you have finished studying from your course books, then it is time to revise. Make sure you revise the entire syllabus for each subject at least two to three times
  • However, this revision alone is not enough. The next step is to test your preparation with the help of ICSE class 10 question papers with answers. This will strengthen your foundation and take the examination stress off your shoulders
  • If possible, get together with your friends and have a combined or group study. This usually helps with clearing up any doubts you may have. It will also solidify your understanding of concepts you already know as you discuss them with peers and clear up any doubts they may have
  • Finally, while you’re working on the question papers, find out which areas you’re falling behind in and work on them. This is why you should have at least two to three months before the examination in hand to improve your weak spots

Best Books Subject-Wise to Prepare for ICSE Examination 

  • English – Wren & Martin’s High School English Grammar and Composition, Together with ICSE Practice Material for Class 9 & 10 English Language for Board Examination (AK Saxena)
  • Mathematics – ICSE Mathematics for Class 10 by Asit Das Gupta, Mathematics for Class 10 by RD Sharma 
  • Physics – Together with ICSE Physics Class 10, Concise Physics ICSE SP Tripathi, RP Goyal
  • Chemistry – Together with ICSE 10 Chemistry Practice Material Anshu Gulati, ICSE Concise Chemistry Dr. SP Singh 
  • Biology – Together with ICSE Class 10 Biology Practice Material Alice Jacob
  • History & Civics, Geography – Total History & Civics, Total Geography by Morning Star, Akshar Publications 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How helpful are these ICSE question papers?

When you use these question papers the right way, answering faithfully and timing yourself, you will be able to see changes in your performance, the time taken, as well as an understanding of the question paper pattern. 

2. Is it important to solve the entire paper?

It may be tempting to simply skim through the questions, but it is highly recommended that you solve the entire paper and time yourself. This will bring to the surface any issues you may have overlooked previously.Plus, it will increase your speed.

3. What if I am not able to solve all 10 years’ question papers?

It may be possible that you find it a challenge to solve all 10 years’ papers for all subjects before the main examination. To avoid such a case, try to solve at least the last four to five years’ question papers for ICSE. This will also be sufficient to help you score good marks. 

4. How long before the ICSE examination should I start preparing using the question papers?

Ideally, you should start using the question papers for practice at least two to three months before the main examination. But before this, you should have revised your syllabus at least twice or thrice. 

5. Can I expect questions outside of the scope of the syllabus?

ICSE is a student-friendly examination, and as such, it is very rare for questions outside the scope of the syllabus to be asked. Being thorough with your course books, classroom notes, and regular practice using ICSE question papers should help you ace the examination.