NCERT Solutions Class 12

NCERT Solutions for Class 12

The pressure of board exams on Class 12 students is enormous! Students have to do so much in less time, like preparing for pre-boards, boards and competitive exams altogether. Thus, it is no surprise that preparing for the Class 12 board exams is of dire importance. Scoring good marks in class 12 is the key to getting admission to your dream colleges. Experts say NCERT textbooks for classes 11 and 12 are the most important when preparing for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, BITSAT, etc. The questions asked in these competitive exams are often directly taken from NCERT textbooks; hence, it is essential to answer every question available in this book.

NCERT Solutions for class 12 by Extramarks, prepared by subject experts, help students solve numerical and conceptual problems. These solutions are provided for all individual chapters in every subject. Extramarks provides very simple-to-understand solutions for all NCERT class 12 subjects. These solutions will help clear the doubts that students might encounter while solving the NCERT questions given in books.

NCERT solutions for class 12 – Subject-wise 

The most effective Class 12 NCERT Solutions are provided here, which, if followed, can help students achieve good results in their class 12 exams. These solutions are available for students to download to clear their problems and have a deeper understanding of the individual chapters. To better understand the chapters in the CBSE class 12 textbooks, these solutions must be thoroughly focused on.

NCERT solutions – Books for class 12 

NCERT Solutions for class 12 – In Hindi medium 

NCERT Solutions for class 12 – Download free PDF 

Benefits of Class 12 NCERT Solutions 

It is highly recommended to refer to NCERT Solutions for class 12 while preparing for board exams. Here are some of the benefits of using NCERT Solutions for class 12 by Extramarks.

  1. Answers have been provided in such a manner to help the student enjoy the learning journey.
  2. It aims to help students grasp the concepts of every chapter.
  3. It comes with in-depth explanations to help students boost their confidence.
  4. It is free of cost. 
  5. Diagrams are provided wherever required in the solution.

Tips and strategies to score good marks in class 12 board examination 

  1. Start with making a timetable. Prioritise the important topics and study them well. 
  2. Class 12 is important for your career; therefore, follow your timetable religiously.
  3. Always make brief notes while studying a chapter, as they will come in handy for revision before the exam.
  4. Understand your concepts, diagrams etc., with NCERT Solutions given on the Extramarks website and Extramarks – The Learning App.
  5. Most importantly, be confident.

Why Opt for Extramarks NCERT Solutions?

Class 12 board exams are the pillars of a successful career in your life. Thus, with the right study materials, students will achieve their desired marks in exams. NCERT Solutions for class 12 by Extramarks will significantly help students understand chapters and will be like a companion in their learning journey.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are NCERT and CBSE Different?

Yes, they are two entirely different organisations. NCERT stands for National Council of Education Research and Training, and CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary/School Examinations/Education. However, most of the CBSE schools in India use NCERT textbooks.

2. Is the NCERT textbook helpful for preparing for the board exam?

It is highly recommended that the students read the NCERT textbook and go through the step-by-step NCERT solutions provided by Extramarks. The interactive modules will help you understand every concept better to score well in the exam.

3. Do you provide solutions for all subjects for class 12 CBSE?

Yes, the Extramarks website and The Learning App provide NCERT Solutions for class 12 subjects. You can also find solved, unsolved and past years’ question papers on the app to practise for your exams.

4. Do I need to use textbook answers other than NCERT Solutions for class 12 by Extramarks for exam preparations?

You can definitely refer to textbook answers, but NCERT Solutions are sufficient for your exam preparation. You can also use sample papers, mock tests and past years’ question papers for better time management.