How Digital Tools are Re-shaping the Future of Learning and Education

March 13, 2023 | By: Extramarks

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In today’s digital age, it is safe to say that modern technology has entirely reshaped the education system. Over the past decade, we have seen the transformative impact of digital classroom tools and how they have  given rise to what we now call new-age learning. For educational institutions, this has come as a real opportunity to explore new ways to integrate tech-based solutions into the school experience.  

So how does technology really impact learning? The idea of implementing Edtech is not only dependent on utilizing the best Learning Management Systems (LMS) or software but also revolves  around changing the pedagogy in a way that seems more relevant to students and enhances their overall learning experience. Digital classroom tools make education more fun and accessible while contributing to a compelling learning environment for students. Some interesting ways in which digital tools are being used in a classroom are to conduct educational games, assess student performance, online lectures, virtual student-teacher communication, digital file sharing and attendance management among others. 

To help you understand  more about the role of technology in education, we have put together the top five benefits of using digital classroom tools and how they impact learning. 

Benefits of Using Digital Classroom Tools

Digital Classroom tools.

The transition from traditional blackboard teaching to digital whiteboards initially started off during the pandemic and has grown to become the new normal way of learning since then. Many institutions today allow students to choose from a range of learning options like classroom learning, online learning or blended learning. For blended learning modules, students are given the choice to learn via both traditional classroom lectures and online classes. 

According to Gitnux, the Edtech market is expected to reach USD 605.40 billion by 2027. Since the demand for digital classroom tools is only projected to increase in the future, let us learn about the benefits they offer. 

Creates an engaging environment

Technology was known to be the biggest distraction for students. But today, tech-based tools like smart pens, notebooks, tablets and laptops have become a preferred choice to enhance learning. Digital tools can help make learning more fun and interactive, which is bound to create interest among students. 

Promotes Accessibility and Transparency 

Digital classroom tools like digital display boards and projectors help educators back their teachings with relevant online information or data. They give students the option to access information beyond the classroom through recorded lectures. Digital tools also strengthen the student-teacher feedback loop. For instance, a teacher may upload a common assessment criteria on the learning software where all students can access it. In case of any queries, students can instantly have their concerns addressed by reaching out to the teacher directly. 

Accommodates different learning styles

The biggest advantage of incorporating technology in the classroom is that it caters to students with different learning styles. Generally, learning styles can be slotted into three categories – auditory, visual and tactile. For auditory learners, teachers can use recorded lectures and audiobooks whereas visual learners will benefit by using interactive boards, presentations and other visually-rich material. For tactile learners, using tech-based devices like tablets or laptops will help promote focus and keep distractions at bay. 

Enhances collaboration

Tech-based solutions in a learning environment are said to enhance interaction, teamwork and collaboration among students. Being digitally connected to the internet, students can not only share ideas and information with each other but also conduct discussions and connect with students from different classrooms, schools or even another country. 

Prepares students for the future 

We know that the future is digital. Nearly every industry today is greatly influenced by advancements in the tech world. Learning in an environment that is powered by technology can help students be well-prepared for the future by getting comfortable with new digital tools.   

Now that you have a better understanding of the major role that technology plays in a student’s learning experience, let’s explore the top five digital classroom tools that are shaping the new age of learning. 

The Extramarks Advantage

The Extramarks platform is a one-stop learning solution that brings the ‘learn anytime, anywhere’ ideology to life. But what is it that truly sets it apart from other digital learning platforms? Besides a strong brand legacy of 12+ years in making immersive e-learning solutions, Extramarks leverages the proven pedagogy of Learn-Practice-Test (LPT)- also known as the 360 degree approach to learning. On the Extramarks Learning App, students get access to curriculum mapped multimedia content modules, live classes, recorded lectures, customized test series and a lot more engaging features that contribute to an overall holistic learning experience. 

An integrated platform for modern education, Extramarks offers learning modules in the K-12, JEE and NEET segments with lecture modules prepared by in-house academicians and experts across industries. The platform is inherently tech-driven and uses machine learning and data analysis practices to personalize education by offering visual, interactive, and adaptive learning modules. Extramarks has a strong presence across India, Indonesia, South Africa, and the Middle East and has truly earned its position as a leading digital education solutions provider. 
So we now know how effective digital classroom tools play an integral role in transforming the face of education. They not only help students prepare to excel in their academic life but also equip them with essential digital-age skills to take on the future. If you want to experience powerful end-to-end e-learning solutions that cater to your academic needs, the Extramarks platform is your ideal learning partner.

Last Updated on October 12, 2023

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