5 Best Math Hacks to Calculate Faster and Make Your Life Easier

March 14, 2023 | By: Extramarks

Best math Hacks


Believe it or not, the application of mathematics and numbers goes way beyond textbooks. Although it is a running joke that people don’t use mathematics after school, math hacks are useful in almost every aspect of life and will sneak into any career you choose to pursue. You already use it in your everyday life & probably don’t even realize it. 

A solid foundation in mathematics gives rise to critical and creative thinking. It helps in cognitive thinking and performing high-skilled tasks. Studies indicate that the part of the brain used for decision-making is also the same region that helps you calculate better.   

Math & money are closely linked to each other. For example, it would be problematic if you didn’t know how to manage your expenses or if you kept spending money that you didn’t have. Understanding mathematics is vital to functioning effectively in the modern world. 

Even established companies & government bodies depend on experts from Mathematics & finance backgrounds to run the show. Various tasks like managing salaries, expenses, taxes, etc. are covered by these math experts. 

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If the complexities of math problems seem like an uphill task to you, these 5 techniques will help you improve your mathematical skills & learn to tackle problems quickly and efficiently. 

5 Math Hacks to Help you Calculate Faster: 

1. #Hack 1: Adding Large Numbers Within Seconds 

Yes, we know adding large numbers can take time. So here’s a method that will save you some. You’ve to just turn the equation into a multiple of 10. Here’s an example: 

844 + 428

Here, the numbers are huge so start by rounding them up. In that case, 844 becomes 850 & 428 becomes 430.  

If you add them, you will get a total of 1280. To find out the answer to the initial question, you must now add the difference we used to round the equation up. 

850-6 = 844 & 430-2 = 428

         \                   /

            6   +   2    = 8

To find the answer to the original equation, you must subtract 8 from the total i.e. 1280.

1280 – 8 = 1272.

Your answer to 844 + 428 = 1272.

2. #Hack 2: The 11th Time Fantasy Trick 

Sample Math

Your 11:11 trick may or may not work but this math hack sure will. It is an easy way to multiply two-digit numbers by 11. You can simply do this in your head. 

Step 1: Separate the given equation & add the two digits 

Step 2: Now, place the number you got after adding the two digits between your equation. 

Example: 52 * 11 = 572

Where 5 + 2 = 7,  you just have to place it in the middle. 

However, if by adding the two digits you get a number greater than 9, then put the ones/units digit in the middle & carry the tens digit. 

Example: 56*11= 616

Where, 5 + 6 = 11, so 1 is placed in the middle & the tens digit is carried forward.

3. #Hack 3: Dividing any Large Number by 5

Without the use of a calculator, how quickly can you divide a large number by 5? Here’s an interesting challenge for you. Use this method & clock how quickly you can do this! 

Okay, let’s divide the number 1250 by 5 in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: First multiply by 2. 1250 * 2 = 2500

Step 2: Move your decimal point to the left. 250.0

Step 3: The number to the left of the decimal is your answer. That is = 250

Hence, 1250 divided by 5 = 250.

4. #Hack 4: Subtraction From 100s, 1000s, 10000s.

Subtracting numbers may seem like an easy task but what’s easier is that with simple math hacks like this, subtracting HUGE numbers becomes really easy.

 If the number is a multiple of 100 like 1000, 10,000, or 100,000 then follow three simple steps. 

Example: 1000 – 754 

Start by subtracting each digit in 754 from 9 & subtract the last digit from 10.  

Step 1: 9-7 = 2

Step 2: 9-5= 4

Step 3: 10-4 = 6

Your final answer to the equation 1000 – 754 = 246.

This hack is also a part of Vedic mathematical tricks & hacks. Here are a few examples you can try out for fun: 1000 – 450, 10000 – 1750, 1000 – 624.

Drop in a comment below & let us know how it goes >>

 5. #Hack 5: Percentage Made Easy

Fun fact, finding out the percentage for a particular equation can always be tricky. Although we recommend using this easy percentage hack, it is something you didn’t know you needed. 

Example: Let’s find out what 5% of 250 is in exactly two easy steps: 

Step 1: Move the decimal point over to the left by two places. So, 250 becomes 2.50

Step 2: Now, multiply 2.50 with the percentage value, ie., 2.5 x 5 = 12.5

This gives you the solution. 5% of 250 is 12.5.


If you are applying for a competitive exam, then you will find that being familiar with these techniques is going to make solving math problems a lot easier and faster. You can also use them in regular classes & everyday life to help increase your efficiency in the subject.

But you need to keep practicing daily to master all these tricks. This will also boost your confidence & help you trust your knowledge of mathematics. 

While people often mock math classes for being useless in real life, most jobs will require a strong proficiency in mathematics. Even if you come from a field where math is not a requirement, you’ll still find numbers there in the form of invoices, salaries & finances. 

If you want to be confident enough to work with numbers, start practicing & stop procrastinating. 

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