Extramarks Introduces Back To School Sale – Up to 60% off on All Learning Packs

March 20, 2024 | By: Extramarks

Back to school

A new academic session always brings with it opportunity, enthusiasm, and a ton of learning. Parents and students head out to shop for supplies for the new school year. The smell of fresh books, stationery, new uniforms, and many other things. For students, the back to school excitement is about who has the coolest supplies. And the day gets a little better if we receive a discount on things, isn’t it? Extramarks is here with an amazing deal that will brighten up the new academic season! 

The Extramarks Back to School Sale is right here knocking at the door! Save up to 60% on all the learning packages! Self-study Pack at a discounted price of ₹ 4499, Live Class Pack starting from ₹3999 for an entire year and Customized Study Packs from ₹99 onwards. These packs are specially curated according to the school’s syllabus which will spark independent learning sessions and academic career with success. Whether a student who is eager to improve the learning experience in grades K–12 or preparing for challenging competitive exams like JEE and NEET.


In the Back to School sale, get the Self-study Pack at just ₹ 4499. But what are the benefits?

Interactive animated videos make the topics more captivating and give in-depth learning. One can test their knowledge with entertaining game-based learning. Access to previous year papers and mock tests, as well as the facility to design tests in a variety of formats, such as MCQs or short-answer questions. Detailed analysis report for areas of improvement is provided. 

Back To School

The pack has been carefully developed according to the school curriculum which aligns with boards like – CBSE, ICSE and other regional boards. This makes independent study sessions not only beneficial but enjoyable as well. 

This is not the end! The Self-study pack is also useful for the JEE/NEET aspirants as well! 

It’s the ultimate guide, each lesson is specifically designed to meet the aspirants unique learning needs, focusing on the competitive exam. Get access to pre-recorded lectures, score booster questions and unlimited content to practice. Identify areas of strengths and weakness through personalized improvement recommendations. 


From ₹3999 onwards, K-12 and JEE/NEET students can get the ultimate interactive learning experience with the Live Class Pack!

Dive deep into engaging sessions led by rank-producing educators from the top institutes like IIT and NIT, where one can understand any complex topic with ease because the mentors are here to help. With personalized doubt-solving sessions, weekly and monthly tests to check students’ knowledge and make them exam-ready in no time. With this pack, the students have access to recordings, worksheets 24×7, so one can learn whenever and wherever they want.


For ₹99, a student can purchase any chapter and master the subject matter!

Students can purchase any particular chapter in this personalized pack if they don’t want to purchase the full set. And they get all the resources they require, including limitless practice material and score-boosting questions to advance exam preparation, by purchasing the chapter they want to learn. A thorough analysis is offered to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the students. Interactive digital learning to elevate the learning experience

Also, learners can purchase a whole subject for ₹699 with the Subject Pack, and for ₹999 only, they can get the Doubt Solving Pack, which provides instant solutions to their problems with detailed videos to tough questions 

This is a limited offer. So, grab Self-study, Live class pack and other customized study packs today!

Unleash the true potential and skyrocket educational experience to new heights with the help of educational experts. Dive into a world of knowledge, excitement, and learning experiences. The new school year awaits – make it your best one yet with Extramarks Back to School Sale!

India’s biggest learning sale is live – Grab the offer!

Last Updated on March 27, 2024

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