10 Back To School Tips For Parents: Help Your Child Prepare For A Successful School Year

May 19, 2023 | By: Extramarks

Back to school tips

Take a deep breath and set your morning alarms because back to school season is here! It’s that time of the year again when children are donning backpacks, lugging lunch boxes and gearing up to head back into classrooms. But as a new school year comes around, those first-day jitters begin to creep in and sometimes, parents can have them too. Parents can often have a hard time navigating childrens’ needs throughout their schooling experience. While there may not be a definite blueprint to get it right, it does involve a combination of vigilance and being aware of when to step back. 

In this blog, we have put together some of the most effective back to school tips for parents to help simplify the transition and learn how to best support children throughout the school year. 

10 Tips on How to Prepare Your Child for School 

Going back to school after a long break may seem fun and exciting to some children and not so much to the rest. Falling back into the academic routine of attending classes, working on projects, doing homework, etc. can be a lot to handle and might be overwhelming for some children. This is why it is important for parents to identify how they can help children have a smooth transition back to school. 

We know that the stakes are high when it comes to childrens’ education. Every parent wants their child to have a successful academic experience. However, they may not necessarily know where to begin and how to offer support. Here is a simple guideline that offers 10 back to school tips for parents to support children as they head back to school. 

1. Create a checklist 

Kickstart the back to school preparation by creating a checklist with your child. This list should include all the necessary items they will need like uniforms, shoes, books, lunch box, etc. Creating a list at least a few days beforehand will help you avoid last-minute stress and get everything you need in well in time 

Back To School

2. Establish a routine 

Avoid the first-day-of-school mayhem by having a morning and evening routine in place ideally a week in advance. Practicing this throughout the week will help children know what to expect, be better prepared and ease into the routine  

3. Get organized with a calendar 

A visual representation of class schedules, activities and important dates can help alleviate some stress around starting a new school year. Digital calendars, paper calendars or even smartphone applications are some options to choose from 

4. Pick a date for back to school shopping 

Set aside time in advance for a relaxed back to school shopping experience. Picking out their own school supplies will engage children and is likely to increase their excitement about the reopening of school after a break 

5. Check-in with children 

Planning and staying organized is important but make sure that you also communicate with your child and check-in on how they’re feeling. Ask how you can offer to make this transition back to school a memorable one by encouraging open and honest conversation

6. Reconnect with school friends 

Speaking to a friend can help children share their worries or any other feelings related to going back to school. This will help them feel more at ease and get comfortable with the idea of starting a new school year 

7. Reduce screen time 

Vacation mode may have gotten children used to spending long hours on their digital devices. Limit these distractions by minimizing screen time a few days before school reopens so that they are able to focus better  

8. Encourage revision  

Going over study material from previous years and doing a quick revision before the new term will make children excited to learn more and be better prepared to take in new information. To foster solid revision, the Extramarks Learning App is the perfect platform for revisiting important concepts and offers interactive videos, unlimited practice material, test papers and much more.   

9. Set up a learning space at home 

Have a distraction-free workspace where children can do their homework and learn without any interruptions once school begins. This will help them focus better and create a positive learning environment 

10. Plan fun after-school activities 

Introduce fun extracurricular activities for children to indulge in once they’re back from school, after they’ve completed homework. This will make the school routine less monotonous, more engaging and yet productive 

How the Extramarks Learning App Can Provide Additional Academic Support 

The Extramarks Learning App is a one-stop digital learning solution that helps students achieve all their academic goals with ease. A long break from learning could leave students feeling overwhelmed and confused once they’re back to school. This could result in lack of conceptual clarity and lead to poor performance. But with user-friendly online solutions on the Extramarks App, they can learn anywhere, anytime – even on mobile devices, in just a click. 

Students get access to unlimited practice content, customisable test papers, interactive media-rich video solutions to all their doubts and so much more. To empower your child with a holistic learning experience for the next academic year, subscribe to the Extramarks Learning App and watch them tread the path to success! 

Final Takeaway 

We hope you now know that the transition to a new school year need not be stressful anymore. Taking the right back to school measures and recognizing your childs’ needs are the first steps towards creating a safe, honest and productive environment for your child to learn and thrive in and beyond the classroom. 


1. What is the best way to prepare for a new school year?

Getting organized, creating a study schedule and having all your supplies in place is a good start. 

2. Is it important to revise concepts before a new term?

It’s not mandatory but going over crucial concepts and revising notes will always help set the right foundation for the next term.  

3. Should parents connect with teachers before the commencement of a new academic year?

A strong parent-teacher connection ensures that the student’s needs are taken care of even beyond the classroom. They can discuss the student’s progress, challenges, interests, behavior, and any other aspects that have a direct impact on their academic performance.

4. Are there any reliable online learning spaces where children can practice during vacations? 

Absolutely. The Extramarks Learning App is a user-friendly digital learning solutions platform where students can find unlimited practice content, learning material, DIY test papers, and lots more! 

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