Extramarks Youth Football Championship: Young Footballers get match-ready with Arsenal FC

March 13, 2023 | By: Extramarks

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Football is more than just a sport – it is a way of life. For many young boys and girls in India, becoming a professional football player is a dream. The Extramarks Youth Football Championship (EYFC) in association with Arsenal FC is making this dream a reality for many young footballers. Recently, the zonal finalists were presented with a unique opportunity to have a practical learning session with Simon McManus, Football Development Lead Coach at Arsenal Football Club, and it was an amazing encounter for all who were there

The Youth Football Championship provides young footballers with a stage on which to demonstrate their abilities and skills while also receiving guidance from professionals in the sport. This year, with the support of Arsenal FC, EYFC has taken it to the next level. The Arsenal FC mentors are passing on their knowledge and understanding to the younger footballers in India, supporting and cultivating the future generation of football stars.

Pre-match Training Sessions and the Strong Young Gunner Model

Simon McManus is one of the coaches who is leading from the front, and his interactive training session with the zonal finalists was an incredible experience for all. Simon is an expert in the area of football development, and his words of inspiration and motivation had a lasting influence on the aspiring footballers.

During the session, Simon imparted his knowledge and understanding of the game, giving the young footballers an insight into what it takes to become a professional footballer. He discussed the Strong Young Gunner model, which is an initiative created by Arsenal FC to aid young players in honing the abilities and aptitudes necessary to succeed in football.

The Strong Young Gunner model is based on five fundamental elements: technical proficiency, tactical intelligence, physical fitness, mental toughness, and personal values. By centring on these essential components, young players can develop the capabilities and aptitudes essential to succeed in football, and in life.

Simon’s session was more than just technical skills – he also elucidated the mental and personal characteristics that are indispensable for success in football. He motivated the young footballers to remain disciplined, devoted, and never to give up on their aspirations. His inspiring words left a lasting impact on the aspiring footballers.

The young footballers were not the only ones who derived pleasure from the day of learning – Simon was accompanied by Laura Spaven (Senior Partner Services Manager, Arsenal Football Club) and Phylli Vostanis (Partner Services Manager, Arsenal Football Club. They were impressed by the talent and commitment of the young footballers, and they relished the opportunity to share their expertise and insights with them.

The young footballers were thrilled to learn from Simon, and to get direction and assessment on their abilities and strategy. The training session was an extraordinary experience, and it gave the kids a look into what it takes to progress toward becoming a professional.

Investing in Young Talent: Breaking down gender stereotypes and creating a healthier generation

EYFC is about developing the abilities and traits necessary to thrive in both football and life, not only about winning. EYFC teaches leadership, teamwork, discipline, and attention to young football players, all of which will help them both on and off the pitch. The Extramarks and Arsenal FC partnership is improving the lives of young footballers in India. It is giving them the direction, instruction, and encouragement they require in order to realise their goals and develop into the upcoming football stars.

Furthermore, the YFC is advocating gender parity in sports. The tournament is open to both boys and girls, and this is helping to break down gender stereotypes in sports. By providing equal opportunities to both boys and girls, the YFC is helping to create a more inclusive and diverse sporting culture in India.

To give children a holistic 360° learning experience, Extramarks, one of the top edtech companies in India, has taken various measures, with EYFC being just one of them. It is also aiding in the growth of football in India. Football is one of the most beloved sports globally, and EYFC is helping to develop a fresh crop of football enthusiasts and players in India.


To sum up, the partnership between Extramarks and Arsenal FC is a brilliant instance of what can be accomplished through combining education and sports. Young learners receive a well-rounded education that equips them for success in all facets of life by fusing academic study with athletic training. The YFC is just one of several projects Extramarks has undertaken to encourage sports and physical education among young students in India, and it is evidence of the organization’s dedication to provide young students access to a top-notch education.

Last Updated on October 12, 2023

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