From Invention To Intervention: 5 Famous Inventors Who Taught Us The Best Life Lessons

March 14, 2023 | By: Extramarks

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Invention & innovation are two sides of the same coin. They have been catalysts of development for years. From the evolution of the first printing press in 1440 to the modern computer in 1991, it is the work of great inventors that has helped shape our vastly compounded world today. 

If the purpose of invention is to make a significant mark in history, it needs to be deeply impactful, right? In today’s modern world, for instance, it is hard to go by without knowing about the works of prolific inventors like Elon Musk, Sir Tim Berners-Lee & Steve Jobs, among others, who have redefined innovation. Rockets, Cyberspace & iPhones? True futurist extraordinaires right there! 

There are some popular inventors in history who have left us with more than just their work. While their inventions continue to impact us today, it is their ideologies that have the power to inspire us to change our habits, the way we think & eventually, the way we live. Here are five valuable life lessons to learn from these prominent inventors. 

1. Thomas Edison

I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.’ 

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Sometimes, encountering a single setback may make us feel like it is impossible to achieve our goal. When Thomas Edison’s first ever patent was publicly rejected, he did not lose hope. Instead, he began building his own invention factory where he worked on revolutionary concepts such as the phonograph & the light bulb. His ideology was to take both success & failure in one’s stride, irrespective of the circumstances. 

He made a lot of mistakes in the process & not all his inventions worked. But he never gave up & took each mistake as a learning lesson. The result? In due course, Edison was granted a patent each year for 65 consecutive years, making him a pioneer in the world of invention. 

Life Lesson: Mistakes are important. They help you learn more & know better.

2. Alexander Graham Bell

‘A person, as a general rule, owes very little to what he or she is born with – they are what they make of themselves.’

The man who invented the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell believed that our life purpose would become a lot more clear if we just looked around & paid more attention to our surroundings. It is not so much about ‘what should I do’ but more about ‘what can I help solve’. His motivation for creating the telephone was to help his mother (who was deaf) & others like her to communicate with ease. 

He believed that it wasn’t any natural gifts that led him to success but his commitment, razor-sharp focus & a keen curiosity towards finding answers to questions that puzzled him. 

Life Lesson: Your true calling in life becomes clear when you focus on what you are curious about & are compelled to fix. 

3. Henry Ford

‘Don’t find fault; find a remedy.’

The founder of The Ford Company, Henry Ford had to encounter many roadblocks before he ultimately achieved historic success. From overcoming an exceptionally high turnover rate at his factory to enduring the Great Depression, his journey was nothing short of challenging. However, he always believed in the perspective that the sooner you are able to accept that life is a game of highs & lows, the better. 

The idea is to find the good in every situation & do the best that you can in the moment. Taking accountability for your actions & navigating through challenges with smart solutions is the key to a successful life. 

Life Lesson: Steer clear of a problem-oriented approach. Adapt a solution-oriented mindset. 

4. Nikola Tesla

‘Your mind is just a receiver, there is a core in the Universe from where all knowledge comes.’ 

Nikola Tesla believed in a rather unique approach to life. According to him, imagination is the single-most powerful tool us humans have. He explored in-depth the relation between our inner & outer world & encouraged using the power of visualization to achieve goals. He had the ability to visualize ideas & concepts in great detail, which would inherently help him create, alter & run devices in his mind before actually bringing them to life. 

Using the mind to the best of its ability by inviting solitude & being focused on goals is what Tesla lived by. 

Life Lesson: Introspection & visualization are necessary tools for growth & expansion. 

5. Albert Einstein 

‘Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results.’ 

A man with a curious mind who was keen on exploring the mysteries of Science, Albert Einstein went on to become the greatest physicist of the 20th century. Einstein was of the belief that a refined perspective towards a situation can open up dimensions of new possibilities. For example, if you are unhappy with a certain aspect of life, try to do at least one thing that is different than yesterday. Sometimes, all it takes is one step towards creating a whole new outcome for yourself. 

The idea is to shake up your routine, try to do the same task differently & observe changes in the outcome. 

Life Lesson: If your mind is open to new perspectives, you are already working towards contentment. 

These great inventors of all time have contributed so much of their life & work towards new inventions, discoveries & research. Let us keep the spirit of invention alive by being inspired by their work & doing justice to the life lessons that they continue to teach us. 

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