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CUET 2023

Since its inception, CUET has become one of the most popular examinations for students after class 12th. The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts CUET and releases a merit list, based on which the many central and private universities across the country accept students for various undergraduate courses. Therefore, to ace this exam and ensure enrolment in the college of your dreams, it is important for you to know about the syllabus of the exam and study from the best books for CUET. Read the entire blog to learn about all the reference books that will help you crack CUET with flying colours.

CUET books 2023

Choosing the best books for CUET preparation is the key to cracking this examination. The students mustn’t hesitate to ask their teachers or seniors for the best advice. Additionally, students may refer to suggestions from the internet regarding the same. However, in this era of huge information, this practice might add up to their confusion. Therefore, here are some suggestions on the best ways to pick the best books for CUET 2023 preparation:

1. Buy the books published by popular publications as they are always updated as per the latest syllabus and exam pattern.

2. Take suggestions from your teachers as they are the best guide in selecting books that are written in simple words.

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3. It is important to go through the book review before purchasing one, as it will help you understand the context of the book.

4. Check for the books that contain practice questions on every topic.

5. Get to know about what books your friends are referring to for the exam.

Many Edtech websites publish videos on the best books for CUET. Refer to those for the best suggestions.

Best Books for CUET Exam: Section 1 (Language)

CUET consists of three sections, and the students must check the syllabus before starting their Preparation. Section 1 of CUET contains questions from the language subjects. The students can pick any of the 32 languages for this exam. Some of the best books for section 1 of CUET are:

Language textbooksNCERT
English Grammar & CompositionWren and Martin
Brush up Your EnglishST Imam
English is EasyBSC Publications

Best Books for CUET Exam: Section 2 (Domain Subjects)

Section 2 CUET tests students’ knowledge in domain subjects, such as maths, physics, chemistry, history, political science, geography, etc. There is a total of 27 domain subjects, and the students can choose any of the subjects for which they are seeking admission in their graduation course. Check out the best books for section 2 of CUET:

Economics (Arts, Science, and Commerce)Exam Idea Arihant Publications Goyal and Pearson
Accountancy (Commerce)TS Grewal
Business Studies (Commerce)Poonam Gandhi Sandeep Garg
Humanities (All Subjects)Arihant Publications Goyal and Pearson

Best Books for CUET Exam: Section 3 (General Test)

The general test refers to the aptitude test that universities earlier used to conduct for admitting students into more generic courses, such as those in business, management, vocational domains, etc. This section broadly encompasses four subjects, namely Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, General and Current Affairs, and Verbal Ability. For better CUET Preparation, check the Best Books for Section 3.

Best Books for CUET 2022 Section 3: Quantitative Aptitude

The best books for Quantitative Aptitude (numerical ability and quantitative reasoning) are given below:

CUET Books 2022Author
General KnowledgeArihant
Disha’s Rapid General KnowledgeDisha Experts
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive ExaminationRS Agarwal
Complete Mathematics    Lucent’s Publication
Shortcuts in Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive ExamsDisha Experts

Best Books for CUET 2022 Section 3: Logical Reasoning

Below given are the Best Books for CUET Exam for Logical Reasoning (Logical & Analytical Reasoning and General Mental Ability).

    CUET Books 2022    Author
Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning    Arihant Publication
Verbal and non-verbal reasoningR.S. Aggarwal
Analytical BiochemistryHolme
Data interpretationRS Agarwal and Arun Sharma
Super Study Material (7 books)SuperGrads

Best Books for CUET 2022 Section 3: General Knowledge & Current Affairs.

Below given are the Best Books for CUET Exam for General and Current Affairs.

The Hindu Newspaper

The Economist.

The Economic Times.

The Indian Express.

The Wire.

Live Mint.

General Studies by McGraw Hill.

General Knowledge by Arihant Publication.

Manorama Yearbook.

Press Information Bureau (PIB).

Current Affairs Magazines.

Advantages of best CUET books 2023

To score higher marks in CUET 2023, the students must study only from the best books. These books are written by experts in a simplified way so that a student can get a complete understanding of a concept and practice questions as per the latest exam syllabus and pattern. Following are some of the advantages of the best CUET books 2023:

1. A detailed explanation of fundamental concepts can be found in the best CUET books

2. The content of these books has the latest data and is written after thorough research.

3. They contain advice and comments from experts

4. All most of the questions in CUET are based on the concepts in the best books

5. These books contain a plethora of practice questions on each topic, which prepares students for the exam.


What are the most trusted books for CUET preparation?

NCERTs are the most trusted books for CUET preparation. The students must refer to NCERTs for domain-specific papers as well as for language papers. Apart from NCERTs, the students may refer to the books mentioned in this article.

How many books should I refer to?

The number of books you must refer to depends upon how many books it takes to clarify the concepts. If you understand the subject matter by reading just one book, it will be enough for you. Ideally, apart from the main textbook, you must refer to the books that contain a lot of practice questions on each topic.

How should I get started with CUET preparation?

The first step in preparing for CUET is understanding the syllabus of the exam. Once you are thorough with it, pick NCERT books to understand the concepts. You must make short notes while studying as it helps in quick revision of concepts.

What should be my preparation strategy for CUET?

Your CUET 2023 preparation strategy should be such that it finds a balance between study time and recreation time. You must first understand each topic of the syllabus from the basic books and then practice as many questions as you can. It is important to go through past years’ papers to understand the exam pattern. Additionally, you must attempt mock tests to familiarise yourself with CUET 2023.

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