JEE & NEET 2024 Dates & Important Steps to Crack the Exams

October 17, 2023 | By: Extramarks

Jee and Neet

During this time of year, circumstances can be quite stressful, leading to heightened anxiety and frustration. Simplifying matters is crucial over the upcoming JEE NEET exams. The pressure is on, and the dates for JEE NEET 2024 have just been announced. So, buckle up, grab your study materials, and get ready to conquer the ride of competitive examinations. 

JEE Main 2024 Dates: The Joint Entrance Main Exam will be conducted in two sessions. The first session will take place between 24th January 2024 and 1st February 2024, while the second session will be held from 1st April 2024 to 15th April 2024. It’s time to mark these dates on your calendar and start preparing.

NEET (UG) 2024 Dates: The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test will be conducted on 5th May 2024. So, all you medical aspirants out there, get your stethoscopes ready and start memorizing those anatomical terms. You have a long way to go, but the date is set. 

CUET UG and CUET PG 2024 Dates: If you’re aiming for Chandigarh University, mark your calendars for the CUET UG and CUET PG exams. The dates are still under wraps but don’t worry, they will be announced soon. Until then, keep your textbooks handy and stay calm. 

Back To School

UGC NET 2024 Dates: For all the research enthusiasts and future professors, the UGC NET exam will be held in May 2024. So, polish your reading glasses, grab a cup of coffee, and start diving deep into the world of academia. 

Now that you have the dates, it’s time to gear up and prepare yourself for the final stretch of your JEE NEET journey. Presently is the opportune moment for you to showcase your capabilities and demonstrate your true potential to the world. But remember, preparing for these exams requires more than just mugging up textbooks and solving question papers. 

Preparing for the Final Stretch

Jee-Neet 2024 To-Do List

The final stretch of your JEE NEET 2024 preparation is here, and it’s time to give it your all! This is the last lap, the ultimate test of your knowledge and skills. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some foolproof strategies to help you ace the exams. 

Design a Study Plan 

First things first, create a study plan that works for you. Design a timetable that includes all subjects and allocate equal time to each. Every chapter is important, so make sure to cover them all. And don’t forget to factor in some well-deserved breaks to keep your sanity intact. 

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Understand the Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme 

Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and marking scheme. The JEE Main 2024 exam consists of 180 questions with a total of 720 marks. To reach the target score, aim to answer at least 163 questions correctly. As for NEET (UG) 2024, it will be held in pen and paper/OMR mode on May 5, 2024. So, gear up and get ready to conquer the exam.

Master the Syllabus 

The key to success in these exams lies in mastering the syllabus. Make sure to thoroughly understand and revise all topics from the syllabus. Use resources like NCERT books to strengthen your concepts. Remember, there’s no shortcut to success, so dive deep into each topic and leave no stone unturned. 

Practice Regularly 

Practice makes perfect, they say. And that’s true! Solve a variety of questions to enhance your problem-solving skills. Practice with sample papers, and previous years’ question papers, and take mock tests to assess your preparation. Trust this, the more you practice, the more confident you’ll feel on the exam day.

Utilize Learning Aids 

Create engaging visual aids like mind maps, diagrams, and mnemonics to facilitate effective information retention. Who said learning couldn’t be fun? Embrace creativity and turn studying into an enjoyable experience. These learning aids not only assist in recalling complex concepts but also inject some excitement into your study routine. With Extramarks Learning App, take your learning to the next level and make studying an engaging adventure.

Analyze Previous Years’ Question Papers 

Reviewing past papers is like peering into a crystal ball. It can give you insights into recurring patterns, important concepts, and possible topics for the upcoming exam. So, make it a point to analyze previous years’ question papers. Learn from them, understand the examiners’ mindset, and gear up to tackle any curveballs they throw your way.

Track Your Performance

Continuously monitor your performance, pinpoint areas for improvement, and work on enhancing weaker areas. To attain a high score in JEE NEET 2024, maintain persistent dedication, and consistent effort, and employ effective study strategies. Stay inspired, practice regularly, and utilize guidance from teachers or seniors as necessary. Leveraging Extramarks’ test preparation features, you can access actionable analytics and fortify your weaker segments effectively.


So, as you gear up for the final stretch of your JEE NEET preparation, keep your spirits high and your determination even higher. Stay motivated, practice regularly, and seek guidance from teachers or seniors whenever needed. With the right mindset and a well-planned strategy, you can conquer any mountain and achieve your dreams. Good luck!

Last Updated on October 17, 2023

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