National Superhero Day 2023: What are some Ways to Celebrate It?

April 28, 2023 | By: Extramarks

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The world of superhumans with superpowers has fascinated both children and adults for time immemorial. The concept of superheroes and Wonder Woman was first found in old tales. With time, they transitioned to comic books and screens via cartoons, movies, and action series. The fan-following for superheroes has prevailed for decades and will continue to exist till the end of time. But did you know that there is a special day that celebrates them? 

Every year, April 28th is recognized as National Superhero Day. This day became popular in 1995 after employees of Marvel Comics encouraged people to celebrate their favorite superheroes. Now, it is a day that recognizes and celebrates real-life superheroes like police persons, firefighters, soldiers, doctors, and several others who commit to saving lives. Read on to know more about National Superhero Day and fun ways to celebrate it!

History of National Superhero Day

National Superhero Day got its first start on April 28th, 1995. It was conceptualized by the employees at Marvel Comics to encourage everyone to talk about their favorite superhero. During this period, Marvel Comics had reached the pinnacle of success. Hence, this celebration garnered a lot of attention and ultimately became a national holiday in the United States. 

Though originally this day celebrated Marvel superheroes, eventually, other fictional superheroes like Batman and Superman, and real-life heroic personalities, were included and continue to be commemorated. It doesn’t matter if they wear capes, uniforms, or gloves, this day acknowledges those who make a difference in their own way.   

Why is National Superhero Day Celebrated?

One of the main reasons to celebrate National Superhero Day is to learn valuable life lessons. They are not just fictional characters performing stunts and saving the lives of people. They demonstrate bravery, perform acts of kindness, and illustrate the importance of saving someone’s life. Think back to the comic books you may have read or superhero films you may have watched. They do tend to inspire, either by their actions or words of wisdom. 

Now, as the list of superheroes expands, there is something we could learn from each one of them. They all represent a different value set and this is worth seeking inspiration from. Importantly, celebrating this day and concept also means accepting the fact that we don’t need to have superpowers to be a superhero. We simply need to uphold values that make us brave and drive us to protect others for good. Hence, we should celebrate this day to extend our gratitude to the brave reel and real-life superheroes. This day also gives us a chance to bring out the superhero within us.

When is National Superhero Day Celebrated?

National Superhero Day is celebrated on the 28th of April, every year. Since 1995, people have celebrated this day to acknowledge and appreciate the selfless acts of kindness in our communities. Some examples include contributions made by soldiers, police, doctors, and firemen. 

List of Activities for Kids to Celebrate National Superhero Day

Naturally, we all want to celebrate our favorite superhero. If you want to make this day special and a memorable one, compiled below are some National Superhero Day activity ideas that both adults and kids can enjoy. 

1. Prepare DIY Superhero Masks 

While you brainstorm ideas to find the best costume that represents your favorite superhero, don’t forget another important element – the mask. There cannot be a better activity than making a  superhero mask. This adds a personal touch and will evoke a sense of accomplishment for wearing the mask you designed from scratch. 

2. Play a Superhero Movie Marathon

We all love watching shows and films featuring superheroes. What better than National Superhero Day to watch our favorite superhero series or movies? Though you may not be able to watch multiple movies back-to-back, even if you tick one or two of your list, it can be a fun experience to remember. If you are planning to host a dedicated party on this day, giving the option of binge-watching superhero movies will make your party a super hit. Get some popcorn and don’t forget to discuss the traits of superheroes with your guests by the end of the day. 

3. Wear your Favorite Superhero Costume 

Whether you are a fan of Batman, Thor, or Spiderman, dressing up as a superhero is fun and emotional. Superhero costumes are easy to source and mostly available in all sizes for most age groups. For a truly memorable experience, you can design your favorite superhero outfit at home. The internet is filled with superhero costume ideas and you can customize it according to your preference. 

4. Thank a Real Superhero

Our real-life superheroes deserve the same amount of appreciation as reel superheroes get. You can consider writing letters or small notes to local heroes like firemen, doctors, and police folks. You may also visit a nearby hospital and thank all the nurses and doctors for their contribution to the community. As it is rightly said, the greatest reward a person can obtain is recognition for their deeds. A little appreciation goes a long way. You might also want to send flowers or small treats.  

5. Read a Superhero Comic 

Comic books and novels can instantly transport us to a different world. If they feature superheroes, a day or even a week would fall short to get through the book. You can put together a mini-library set-up at home and go on a reading retreat as a family. Alternatively, you may also visit a bookstore to find new superhero treasures.   

Fun Facts About Superheroes

Fun Facts about superheroes
Fun Facts About Superheroes

Here are some lesser-known facts about superheroes:

1. Fact 1

Did you know that your muscular green superhero, Hulk, was originally supposed to be grey? The color was later changed due to printing problems.

2. Fact 2

Captain America was first created during World War II to encourage Americans to fight for their country.

3. Fact 3

The king of pop, Michael Jackson, was a die-hard fan of Spiderman. He even tried to gain rights over Marvel Comics to enact the role of Spiderman.

4. Fact 4

Iron Man loves his suits and has over 50 of them designed for battles and oceans.

5. Fact 5

Thor’s all-tongue superpower gives him the ability to speak every language and have everyone understand him.

Don Your Cape and Celebrate National Superhero Day

National Superhero Day is an excellent occasion to honor and appreciate our real-life and fictional superheroes. Whether you want to write letters to our heroes, give gifts, host a superhero-themed party, or read superhero comics, the options are endless. The ultimate goal is to recognize those who support and protect us. Even better, embrace their traits of courage, selflessness, and strength and apply them in your own life.

So, together, let us take this opportunity to show our appreciation to our superheroes who make this world a better place to live in!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is the most widely-known superhero of all time?

The most famous superhero is Spiderman, with Batman following close behind. 

2. How to celebrate National Superhero Day? 

You can host a Superhero costume party, arrange a game night, or bake Superhero-themed cookies and cakes. 

3. Who was the first Superhero?

DC Comics launched Superman as the first costumed Superhero in 1938. 

4. Who is the father of superheroes?

The Marvel legend and father of all superheroes is Stan Lee. 

5. How can students celebrate National Superhero Day?

Students can sketch their favorite superhero, wear a handmade costume in class, or play some superhero games.

6. Who are the best superheroes?

Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Hal Jordan, Thor, Black Panther, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and Wolverine are the top superheroes.  

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