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August 10, 2023 | By: Extramarks

ChatGPT Extramarks

In the ever-evolving realm of education and technology, a groundbreaking partnership has emerged with the potential to reshape the learning landscape. The fusion of ChatGPT and Schools represents a turning point in the role of AI in education, promising a transformative learning experience.Extramarks held a webinar titled “ ChatGPT Is A Tipping Point For AI: Transferring The World Of Learning” to look into the subject of transforming the learning experience using AI technology tools such as ChatGPT. 

The webinar brought together experts in the field of education, 

1) Ms. Archana S Mankotia, Principal, Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls School, Jaipur

2) Mr. Manan Choksi, Executive Director, Udgam School, Gujarat

3) Dr. Prerna Mitra, Principal, G.D Goenka, Lucknow

4) Mr. Arockia Jerald A, Principal, Subbiah Central School, Tirupur

5) Ms. Priya Murali, Principal, Mahatma Global Gateway (CAIE), Madurai

6) Ms. Ekta Anand, General Manager – Adoption & Experiences, Extramarks Education

7) Ms. Poonam Singh Jamwal, Director, Extramarks Education

who shared their knowledge on the benefits of AI & ChatGPT, efficient learning experience, importance of accurate ways of using AI technology and recommendations for transforming learning for students in efficient and personalized ways.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

ChatGPT Extramarks

1. Incorporation of AI & ChatGPT in the Educational Landscapes

With the evolving times AI has taken over the world and as it is said we need to move forward with the times, even the education sector has to incorporate AI and ChatGPT in the schools for better enhancement of the learning experience for students. The webinar also included how AI is not just important for students but for the Educators as well, it should have a strategic approach in its integration to respect the evolving technological landscapes.

2. AI & ChatGPT Enhances Learning Experience for Students

Moreover, the panelists also shared their views on how AI also enhances individualized learning and also it provides Personalized Learning to the students to improve and support their learning journey. Also, teachers should also learn the way AI works to keep an eye on students’ correct learning measures. Both teachers and students need to understand that AI is here to help us not replace us, cause creativity can be generated by humans and this is why one needs to start using AI as a facilitator and not depend fully on that.

3. AI & ChatGPT Simplifies Access To 24/7 Support

The webinar also supported that the effective integration of AI in school curriculum can enhance the learning outcome by supporting students with 24/7 accessibility of information, get quick and accurate answers and also in this way it will help them in study support acting as a connecting bridge between the students and the teachers as well. 

4. Awareness of AI  Among the Stakeholders is necessary

The webinar also covered that empowering teachers to learn how to use AI is also very important. Also, stakeholders should validate the accuracy and reliability of the AI by personally monitoring and supervising the safety measures of using AI and ChatGPT to leverage the technology keeping in mind that these technologies are just the facilitator and not a total replace.

5. Benefits of using AI & ChatGPT 

The panelists also discussed that ChatGPT may seem to be a tipping point but  AI can be transformative if used rightly by the teachers to question mind and critical thinking. Also AI enables personalized learning tools through adaptive tests and tools. So basically, every technology has its Pros and Cons but it’s on how one utilizes it in the correct measures.

6. Role of Teachers in Harnessing AI & ChatGPT

The role of teachers is very pivotal in integrating AI in the regular study curriculum for students as they need to guide the students and also observe them to know if they are using AI tools like ChatGPT ethically and also keeping in mind that fostering a safe environment for student engagement should be our first priorities. 

You can access the webinar recording here:

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To ensure the success of an AI transformation, schools and stakeholders need to offer continuous training and support to teachers and students. This can involve providing professional development opportunities, offering technical assistance, and creating engaging resources for ongoing learning. By offering the right tools, support, and infrastructure, schools can create learning for students more efficient , and engaging. Throughout the webinar, the panellists’ upfront views shed light on how AI & ChatGPT can make learning easier for students. 

Let us embrace AI & ChatGPT’s  potential to transform learning in this quick-paced World.

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