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September 28, 2023 | By: Extramarks

NEP 2020

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, implementing the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) in a manner that fosters holistic development is crucial. Extramarks, a pioneer in educational excellence, recently hosted a webinar titled “Implementing NEP 2020 for Holistic Development.” This insightful session delved into the core principles of NEP 2020 and how they intertwine with personalized learning approaches. It aimed to strike a balance between academic and non-academic growth, integrate technology and experiential learning, promote inclusive education and multilingualism, and embrace teacher training and assessment reforms.

The webinar brought together experts in the field of education, 

1. Ms. Amrita Burman- Deputy Director, Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions, Varanasi

2. Mr. Avinder Singh Bali- Principal, DPS Manali

3. Ms. Joyeeta Dasgupta- Education, Indirapuram Group of Institutions

4. Poonam Singh Jamwal- Director, Extramarks Education, Noida

5. Ms. Kanika Anand- Principal, ARISE International School, Ravet, Pune

These experts shared their insights regarding the importance of holistic development for students. They also emphasized the significance of considering different personalized approaches within the framework of holistic development.

Key Takeaways –

1. Core Principles of NEP: The webinar provided a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles driving the National Education Policy 2020. The speakers talked about how we need to change the way we think and teach, and properly prepare teachers to make learning more interactive and focused on each child. They highlighted that using technology well can really change education for the better, bringing NEP’s goals to life.

2. Personalized Learning Approaches: Educators emphasized the need to tailor teaching approaches to individual students, understanding their unique backgrounds and diverse needs, aligning with the personalized learning ethos of the NEP 2020. The panelists also emphasized that as educators, our main responsibility is to truly understand the students. This involves evaluating their backgrounds, and diverse requirements, and then adjusting our teaching plans to suit them. 

3. Balancing Academic and Non-Academic Growth: The discussion underscored the importance of nurturing both academic excellence and non-academic skills, striking a balance that aligns with the holistic development envisioned by NEP 2020. The panelists urged for a shift in approach: “Stop teaching, start designing.” They emphasized that empowering students and letting them take charge is the greatest gift we can offer. It’s about stepping back and allowing students to be in control of their learning journey.

4. Integration of Technology and Experiential Learning: The role of technology in modern education was highlighted, emphasizing its integration to facilitate experiential learning, aligning with NEP 2020’s vision of a tech-empowered educational landscape. The experts also noted that technology makes learning more authentic and comfortable. When teachers feel at ease with technology, they transform into mentors and creators, enhancing the learning environment to be more interesting and effective. 

5. Inclusive Education and Multilingualism: The discussion acknowledged the need for an inclusive educational approach that aligns with the inclusivity aspect of NEP 2020, ensuring education reaches every corner of society while embracing multilingualism.

6. Teacher Training and Assessment Reforms:  The significance of continuous teacher training and assessment reforms was emphasized, recognizing them as essential components for successful curriculum alignment and effective education delivery under the ambit of NEP 2020. The panelists emphasized their belief in using technology to prepare students for the future. They aspire to offer students meaningful experiences beyond traditional classrooms, encouraging active learning through exciting assignments and engaging activities. 

You can access the webinar recording here:  

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As NEP 2020 transforms the educational panorama, this insightful webinar emphasized the criticality of a comprehensive and holistic approach to preparing students for a dynamic and evolving world.

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