Elevate Ep. 11 | Building Student-Centric Classrooms: Crafting Personalized Learning Experiences

March 27, 2024 | By: Extramarks

student-centric classroom

In today’s fast-paced environment, students seek learning materials that hold their interest and yearn for some control over what and how they learn. But, to equip new-age students for tomorrow’s world, we cannot rely on outdated learning models from the past. There is a need for customized educational experiences that can mold self-directed individuals to take on the complexities of the modern world. This is why every educator needs to make personalized learning a goal within the classroom environment. 

This month’s Extramarks Elevate webinar, a thought leadership series dedicated to all things academics and technology, unites visionaries from the education sector to share their profound insights on the importance of developing student-centric learning environments and how schools can effectively navigate this shift from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to personalized learning in modern classrooms. 

Let’s take a look at our esteemed assembly of education experts!
Elevate Speakers

  1. Dr. Manisha Sahni, Director Principal, Delhi Public School, Punjab
  2. Ms. Anitha Bijesh, Principal, Delhi Public School, Bangalore South
  3. Mr. Vardan Kabra, Head of School, Fountainhead School, Gujarat
  4. Ms. Poonam Singh Jamwal, Director, Extramarks Education, Noida

  5. Mr. Sivaprakasam Raman, Director, EHKN Group of Institutions, ERODE

  6. Ms. Priya Gambhir, Deep Memorial Public School, Ghaziabad

In this blog, we take a look at key highlights from their discussion to help you get a deeper understanding about the hallmarks of student-centered learning. 

Key Takeaways

Our panelists discuss and dissect proven practices for teachers to personalize instructions in the classroom effectively. They share their insights on the crucial role of EdTech in tailoring learning experiences, highlighting its impact on elevating student motivation and performance. For more detailed insights from the webinar, we have outlined 5 essential aspects that will help you transform your classroom into an inclusive and personalized learning environment.  

  • Instill Purpose Beyond the Classroom


Discussing the ecosystem of modern classrooms, the panelists highlight the importance of identifying individual student needs and curating customized learning experiences based on their findings. By understanding their deeper purpose, teachers can effectively guide students towards a brighter future, preparing them to make a positive impact on a global scale. This approach transforms learning into a holistic experience, instilling a sense of duty fueled by individual desires. 

  • Empower Educators in Personalizing Instructions 

The speakers share the importance of utilizing diverse practices and adaptive approaches to differentiate instructions in a classroom environment. The key is to remember that changes in the world of education are powered by courage. It becomes crucial for teachers to cast aside their fears and welcome change by being open to exploring innovative practices, such as inquiry-based teaching methods and tiered assignments in classrooms, to improve their collaboration with students and establish individual academic objectives. Besides, personalized learning transcends passing trends and truly embodies a transformative experience that empowers learners to navigate their academic journeys with purpose and autonomy. 

  • Craft Individual Learning Paths Using Edtech

The webinar outlines the benefits of embracing technology and how this helps teachers foster a student-centric environment that is conducive to growth and exploration. The speakers discuss how digital tools like Learning Management Systems (LMS), analytics platforms, educational apps and interactive simulations can assess individual student progress, offer real-time feedback and foster engagement, leading to deeper comprehension and retention among students with varied learning styles. 

  • Unlocking the Impact of Personalized Learning on Student Success 

The panelists share their insights on progressive education being the pivotal factor for success in the long run. While academic grades have the potential to create opportunities, it is the mastery of skills that can truly change the game for students. The discussion encourages steady revelation of results and securing lasting achievements over time. To implement this, it is important for schools to invest in adaptive technology and conduct comprehensive teacher training to successfully target personalized learning initiatives.  

  • Build Future-Ready Independent Thinkers

Educators play a crucial role in fostering mindfulness and awareness within education. The speakers discuss how there exists a critical need to shape independent thinkers who are future-ready, rather than molding students into mere followers. They talk about how when it comes to cultivating personalized learning, the key is to carve out a trajectory to success by setting clear goals and objectives. To build leaders of tomorrow, teachers should methodically work backward by focusing on their desired outcome and pave the path towards their specified objectives. 

  • Establish A Unified Approach to Education

The experts discuss the importance of working together as a united front by involving educators, administrators, policymakers and tech developers to foster a supportive school culture. This promotes flexibility and ensures successful implementation of personalized learning objectives. The pathway to lasting success is marked by adaptability, which allows the education system to adapt seamlessly. Moreover, prioritizing affordability ensures widespread access, making education a positive force that shapes an inclusive future for all. 

You can access the webinar recording here:

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This webinar serves as a practical guide to create student-centric learning environments at schools. Our panel of experts have discussed actionable ways and varied strategies to tailor instructions, harness technology and foster a collaborative academic space where diverse minds flourish. We encourage you to utilize these key insights   to bring about a transformative shift in your classroom. 

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Last Updated on June 4, 2024

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