How to Help Your Child Manage JEE/NEET and School: A Parent’s Guide

October 31, 2023 | By: Extramarks

Child Manage JEENEET

Balancing JEE/NEET Preparation and School Studies can be daunting for both parents and students. However, it is crucial to understand the significance of a balanced approach to avoid overemphasizing one over the other, which could negatively impact your child’s future. Here, you will explore expert strategies to help your child manage their time effectively while balancing school studies and JEE/NEET preparation. Let’s get started!

Understanding the Significance of JEE/NEET and School Balance:

One always encourages their children to aim high and achieve their dreams, but you must also understand the importance of a balanced approach. While JEE/NEET exams are crucial for their future, one cannot disregard the significance of school studies. 

Balancing school studies with JEE/NEET preparation is critical as it lays the foundation for their future careers. Without a strong academic grounding, their chances of success in these exams diminishes considerably. Overemphasizing JEE/NEET preparation can result in neglecting school studies, which could have a lasting impact on their future prospects. 

It is important to strike a balance and prioritize both school studies and JEE/NEET preparation for the student’s overall growth and development. As a parent, you can encourage and motivate your child to achieve their academic goals while ensuring they have ample time for rest, recreation, and mental relaxation. After all, a balanced mind is essential for success!

Strategies for Balancing School Studies and JEE/NEET Preparation

Balancing School Studies

It is critical to understand the importance of balancing school studies and JEE/NEET preparation for a brighter future for students. While clearing the entrance exams is crucial for securing a place in top colleges, not focusing on school studies simultaneously could lead to adverse effects. Overemphasizing JEE/NEET preparation can impact the student’s future in the long run and lead to regrets.  Some of the main strategies are as follows:-

1. Effective Time Management: Balancing school studies and JEE/NEET preparation requires effective time management. Creating a well-structured study schedule for your child is essential. Allocate dedicated time for school assignments and coursework, and then set aside specific blocks for JEE/NEET preparation. Time management tools and techniques can be incredibly helpful in ensuring that both aspects of your education receive the attention they deserve. 

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2. Utilize Synergy: Look for opportunities to make your child’s school studies complement their  JEE/NEET preparation. Often, there are overlapping topics. For example, if they are studying physics in school, some concepts may be relevant to their JEE/NEET physics syllabus. Leveraging this synergy can save their time and help them gain a deeper understanding of these topics.

3. Seek Guidance and Support: Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from teachers, mentors, or counselors. Discuss your child’s goals and challenges with them. They can offer valuable insights and advice on how to balance their studies effectively. Additionally, consider enrolling your child in coaching programs or using educational platforms like Extramarks that provide JEE/NEET-specific resources, allowing you to streamline your preparation.

4. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Balancing school and entrance exam preparation can be mentally and physically demanding. It’s vital to take care of your child’s well-being.  Help them maintain a healthy lifestyle, get regular exercise, and ensure they get enough sleep. A well-rested and healthy mind is more productive and efficient in managing both school and competitive exam studies.

5. Stay Motivated and Focused: Keeping your and your child’s motivation high is essential. Help them set clear goals and regularly remind them of why they’re working so hard. Staying focused during their study sessions is equally crucial. Minimize distractions, whether they are related to school or JEE/NEET preparation, and help them maintain a disciplined approach to their studies.

As a parent, you can help your child by fostering a positive attitude and encouraging them to take breaks when needed. Offer emotional and mental support throughout the journey and provide resources for stress management and coping mechanisms. Remind your child of their strengths and celebrate small successes to keep them motivated. Remember, a healthy balance between preparation, school studies, and personal well-being is key to success.

So, balancing school studies and JEE/NEET preparation is a challenging yet critical task for students aspiring to excel in these competitive exams. Proper time management, synergy between school and exam topics, seeking support, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and staying motivated are key strategies to ensure a well-rounded education that opens up opportunities for a successful future. Remember that a holistic approach to learning can set the stage for excelling in exams and your child’s personal and professional growth.

Practical Benefits of Balancing School and JEE/NEET Preparation:

Having a balanced approach towards JEE/NEET preparation is essential. Schools cover the majority of the fundamental concepts required for these exams, such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, which are crucial to strengthen the child’s basics. It is proven that students who excel in their academic coursework can score better in these entrance exams. 

1. Comprehensive Understanding: School studies provide students with a comprehensive understanding of various subjects. This understanding goes beyond the scope of entrance exams. By focusing solely on JEE/NEET preparation, students may miss out on valuable knowledge and skills that can be applied in real-life situations. A balanced approach ensures a well-rounded education, enhancing problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and general knowledge, all of which are assets in any future career.

2. Reducing Stress and Burnout: An exclusive focus on competitive exam preparation can lead to excessive stress and burnout. Students may feel overwhelmed by the pressure to excel in both school and entrance exams. This kind of stress can be detrimental to their mental and physical health. Balancing school studies with JEE/NEET preparation allows for a more gradual and manageable approach, reducing the risk of stress-related issues and ensuring a healthier learning experience.

Also, a balanced approach to education that combines school studies with JEE/NEET preparation is critical for several reasons. It strengthens the fundamentals, provides a comprehensive understanding of subjects, and reduces stress and burnout. Ultimately, it not only improves a student’s chances of success in competitive exams but also prepares them for a well-rounded future, equipped with essential life skills and knowledge.

Fostering a Well-Rounded Approach for Academic and Life Success: 

A balanced approach helps the students focus on both the academic coursework and JEE/NEET preparation in a structured manner that minimizes stress and maximizes positive learning outcomes. Moreover, it is well known that an active lifestyle, including extracurricular activities, hobby classes, and sports, helps in achieving a healthy mind and body. 

Furthermore, a balanced approach to education encourages students to develop time management and organizational skills, which are invaluable in both academic and professional life. When students learn to allocate their time effectively between school studies, exam preparation, and other activities, they cultivate a sense of responsibility and discipline. These qualities not only contribute to success in competitive exams but also lay a strong foundation for future endeavors, where effective time management is often a key determinant of achievement. In this way, a balanced approach serves as a holistic preparation for life’s challenges, beyond just excelling in exams.

How Overemphasizing JEE/NEET Preparation Can Impact Your Child’s Future: 

Overemphasizing JEE/NEET preparation over academic coursework can put a child’s future at risk. The child may lack knowledge of fundamental concepts, leading to low board scores and detrimental effects on future college opportunities. 

Creating a realistic study schedule allows the child to allocate their time efficiently and utilize it optimally to balance schoolwork and entrance exam preparation. Regular revision and self-study sessions, with the help of tools like the Extramarks Learning App, help in consolidating the concepts learned in school and gaining mastery over them. Prioritizing sleep and physical health is necessary to ensure that the mind and body are healthy and ready to take on new challenges. Leveraging educational resources such as the Extramarks Learning App provides interactive and engaging study materials. 

Setting realistic expectations and goals gives the child a clear idea of what they want to achieve and what is feasible. Encouraging interactive and effective learning, supported by educational platforms like Extramarks, invigorates the mind and helps the child strive for a balanced approach towards studies and leisure. Motivating the child with small successes experienced during daily academic tasks helps boost confidence.


In conclusion, helping your child balance their JEE/NEET preparation with school studies is crucial for their academic success and future. Encouraging a healthy and realistic approach while providing emotional and mental support along the way can make all the difference. Remember to celebrate small successes and prioritize their physical and mental well-being, so they can succeed without sacrificing their health.

Last Updated on October 31, 2023

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