Extramarks Recognized Among TIME’s Top EdTech Companies Globally

May 10, 2024 | By: Extramarks

Top Global Edtech

The foundation of empowerment and the key that leads to doors of success and opportunities is education. It is the process of self-discovery and development rather than just the acquisition of knowledge. A brighter tomorrow and success are what education leads us to—it is the torch that lights our way.

We are incredibly proud to announce that Extramarks has been recognized as one of Time Magazine’s top Edtech Companies of 2024 worldwide. This recognition is a big win not just for us, but for everyone who has contributed to our mission. It reflects our dedication to make learning enjoyable and engaging for students, teachers and schools everywhere. This acknowledgment motivates us to continue our mission with even more enthusiasm.

TIME collaborated with Statista, carefully selecting the top 250 EdTech companies globally. They evaluate each company based on its impact on the industry, financial stability, and level of innovation. Extramarks proudly secured the top position in providing complete school teaching-learning solutions, with an extensive content repository. We are honored to stand among the few Indian Edtech companies selected for this list. 

The recognition conveys our commitment to education and its advancement. Expert-led live classes, interactive doubt solving sessions and personalized study materials to fuel independent study. Our platform ensures seamless classroom management while providing teachers with ample 3D teaching materials to enhance class engagement. With 24/7 access to class lectures and teacher’s notes, we foster school-to-home connectivity that engages parents in the learning process. 

A sincere thank you to all our teams, students, teachers, parents, and schools for being with us every step of the way. Let’s continue to push the boundaries and go the Extra mile to achieve more success together! 

Last Updated on May 10, 2024

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