How to Use NCERT Books for JEE Main and Advanced Preparation

March 9, 2023 | By: Extramarks

The glorified dream to crack JEE and get into a prestigious college is seen by every science student in our country. Many students start preparing for the entrance from a young age when they are just stepping into their eighth grade. However, the dilemma around the relevance of NCERT books for JEE mains remains in their minds throughout the journey.

With every possible study resource available to students, navigating those NCERT books for JEE mains becomes a task. However, the preparation is strenuous and overwhelming without much time for switching from one book to another. But NCERT books help you build a strong foundation for your JEE main and advanced preparation.

Let’s look at how you can use NCERT books for JEE mains in this article.

Why Should You Choose NCERT For JEE Mains?

Before starting your JEE journey with NCERT, the most valid question that needs to be answered is- “Why NCERT for JEE Mains?”. This question becomes more important if you are from the ICSE board.

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Here are some reasons why NCERT for JEE mains can be your stairway to cracking the toughest exam in India.

1. Focus On Basics

First things first, if you are aiming for a competitive exam like JEE, then you must be thoroughly clear with your basics and fundamentals. No study material comes close to NCERT in clearing your concepts. Moreover, these are the best in building up your basics in any subject or topic.

2. Rich Experience

NCERT books are put together after in-depth research from highly credible scholars from all over India. If in doubt, the solution given in NCERT is the only one. Hence, NCERT for JEE mains can give you the edge of clarity from intense research.

3. Easy To Understand Language

One of the USP of NCERT books is that they are written in an understandable manner. Every topic, definition, or formula is explained in an easy language that a student can gauge without much help. Moreover, the content is structured, which helps in building your knowledge base without getting confused.

4. Systematic Explanation Of Concepts

The NCERT books are well-organized and follow the pattern of climbing from easy to difficult concepts. The topics are laid out systematically with step-by-step explanations. You end up not only understanding the concepts better but also forming a thought process of approaching any problem.

5. Preferred Before High-Level Books

High-level books usually work on the presumption that the student is well-versed with building blocks and even intermediate concepts. Reading NCERT books for JEE mains beforehand can help you in moving to high-level books.

6. Coverage

Although the number of questions in NCERT books is relatively lower than other books, they cover concepts from every nook and corner of the syllabus. Hence, practicing them thoroughly can give you a rounded edge when it comes to the JEE question paper.

However, just studying NCERT books won’t be enough to crack JEE mains. You need to know tips and tricks, shortcuts, methods to approach a particular problem, and doubt clearing sessions. All of these are covered by Extramarks and it is trusted by lakhs of Indian students aspiring for Jee. Extramarks is a leading online class that can help you prepare for your JEE exam comprehensively. They have NCERT solutions, live classes, practice papers, and qualified teachers that can help you prepare and crack the exam. And under the guidance of the teachers, you can ensure that all your doubts are cleared in a timely manner.

How To Use NCERT for JEE Mains Subject Wise?

One of the deadly combinations for any competitive exam is conceptual clarity, holistic coverage, and speed. Using NCERT books for JEE mains can help you with all of them. Let’s see how you should go about NCERT books for JEE mains subject-wise.


For chemistry, NCERT can be quite helpful if you go through it in the following manner:

1. Read chemistry’s NCERT for JEE mains thoroughly at least thrice.

2. After completing a topic, make your own notes and practice the questions given in your NCERT book for practical chemistry.

3. Make your own flashcards of summary points from each chapter.

4. Make separate books for organic and inorganic chemistry.

5. Write down formulas in separate books to be thorough with them, such as chemical bonding, kinetics, equilibrium, etc.

6. After solving NCERT for JEE mains, start with practise questions from Extramarks and see where you stand among your peers

7. Solve JEE mains papers and write your learning for future reference.


Many students are afraid of physics due to the sheer conceptuality yet intricacy of the subject. Physics can be prepared well with the NCERT book for JEE mains:

1. Get thorough with NCERT of physics to build a strong foundation

2. Read both the 11th and 12th physics NCERT books for JEE mains.

3. Allot at least two hours every day for this subject.

4. Make notes from 11th-grade physics of topics such as Kinetic theory, the law of motion, gravitation, etc., from NCERT.

5. Similarly, make notes from 12th grade NCERT of all the topics.

6. Again make flashcards for important concepts and formulas.

7. Solve JEE mains paper and pick up other reference material after getting through with NCERT.


Maths can be challenging for many students however with proper preparation, you can ace the JEE mains paper. Here’s how you should use mathematics NCERT for JEE mains:

1. Practice every problem given in 11th and 12th-grade NCERT with steps.

2. Make sure you proceed in your solutions step-wise, just like in NCERT.

3. Prepare formula sheet from NCERT.

4. Make two separate notebooks for concepts with examples and problem-solving.

5. Switch to another material only after completing NCERT.

6. Focus on topics such as binomial theorem, probability, integration from the NCERT for JEE mains.

7. Solve the paper and mark your silly and numerical mistakes for future reference.


Clearing JEE mains and advanced is not a cakewalk. One can create a concrete foundation with NCERT books for JEE mains and advanced. Hence, before jumping onto any other study material, make sure you use NCERT for JEE main first.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Are NCERT books enough to prepare for JEE?

While NCERT books form the base, they are not sufficient to crack the JEE exam. Students have to access specialized study materials as well. Extramarks offers NCERT solutions, study materials and practice papers that students can use for the preparation.

Can I prepare for JEE at home?

Yes, you can prepare for JEE at home. There are online classes you can attend where you are tutored by expert faculty from the comfort of your home.

Is one year enough to crack JEE?

Yes, you can crack JEE in one year if you are consistent and focused with your study approach.

How to Use NCERT Books for JEE Main and Advanced Preparation

Last Updated on October 17, 2023

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