Make your Student’s Selection Ready within the School Premises

March 10, 2023 | By: Extramarks

Selection Ready within the School Premises

Each year, a substantial portion of students drop out of school to join full-time coaching institutes in
preparation for exams such as the JEE and NEET. This is usually due to a need for adequate school facilities and faculty to properly prepare and mentor them for these exams. As a result, schools lose out on their best students.
Moreover, many reputed coaching centers for competitive exams are pricey and concentrated in a few cities. This creates entry barriers for students, preventing them from accessing the resources they need to crack the exams and get into their dream colleges.
Now you must be wondering how to help your students! This is where Student Integration Program (SIP) by Extramarks comes into the picture to ensure individual students progress all the way from the start to the end.
With the School Integrated Program, you can become the school of rankers.

Tech-powered classrooms to enjoy the immersive learning experience

• Students can enjoy our interactive 2D & 3D content to understand the concepts better visually.
With virtual labs & other futuristic learning tools, students also get access to classroom lectures,
study notes, etc.
• The one-of-a-kind online live class concept that helps students prepare for competitive exams
right in their school, with the help of Extramarks expert teachers.

All doubts cleared by Extramarks mentors

• The doubt sessions are conducted live by experienced Extramarks mentors who patiently and
caringly guide students and help them clear up all their doubts, ensuring they are well-prepared
for exams.
• The ‘Ask a Doubt’ feature on the Learning App allows students to resolve their doubts as and
when required.

Experts designed study material

• Lectures are based on the updated NEP syllabus to ensure students study the most up-to-date
content. Students can access lectures anytime, anywhere to prepare for exams like JEE, NEET or
CUET right in their school – without any outside coaching.
• The ever-changing patterns of competitive exams like JEE, NEET & CUET make it difficult for
students to keep pace with the constant updates. With Extramark’s unique NEP-ready content for
competitive exams, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Unlimited question bank for extra practice

• Complete repository of questions with a vast database of questions that covers all topics tested
in competitive exams.
• Variety of worksheets and tests students can use to prepare for their exams.
• State-of-the-art assessment tools provide students with an in-depth analysis of their progress, so
they can identify areas where they need to focus more.

Extramarks offering a Unique School Integrated Program (SIP) – an end-to-end coaching delivery
model, your school can be transformed into a one-stop hub for all competitive exams including JEE,
NEET, CUET, Olympiads, NTSE, and more.

Last Updated on October 12, 2023

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