Points to Consider When Determining Which Stream is Best After 10th

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There is great satisfaction in setting future goals, creating a plan to reach them, and checking off milestones. But the confusion of what to choose after 10th is inevitable. This is further accompanied by common queries like which streams are in demand and what are the biggest trends in the job market. Considering that the stream you choose will affect your future career and professional life, it is important to weigh in the scope of subjects and alternate career options. 

To help you find the stream that suits your interest the most, we have compiled a list of tips and recommendations 

How to Choose the Right Stream After 10th Standard Exams?

A Guide stream selection after 10th
Points to Consider When Determining Which Stream is Best After 10th

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account when contemplating what to choose after 10th class. The primary step should be recognizing your strengths, career aspirations, and interests. This will help you pick the right field and gain an understanding of what your long-term career will look like. The following points can address some of your career-related doubts about choosing a suitable course after 10th exams – 

1. Know your Area of Interest 

Career plays an important role in our lives. The right approach to a rewarding and fulfilling career would be to do something that you are passionate about. For this, you need to figure out the subjects that you enjoy studying. You can be keenly interested in learning about History and Social Sciences or complex mathematical calculations and Science experiments. Based on these interests, you can make a choice between a course in Commerce, Arts, or Science stream. 

2. Find your Strengths

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Along with understanding your interests, it is also important to identify your strengths and be realistic about them. It could be possible that you are great at solving mathematical problems but have a hard time learning different subjects of Science. In this scenario, it would be a risky choice to opt for the Science stream after 10th. Instead, go for a stream that supports your scorecard. Here, it could be commerce. You may take the help of an aptitude test to understand your skills, strengths, and personality. 

3. Understand the Stream In-Depth

So now you know your interests, strengths, and aptitude. But without knowing much about different streams, like their difficulty level, subjects, and future scope, you won’t know which one will align with your goals. Hence, it is necessary to gather some information like education boards, advanced courses, difficulty level, and nature of job profiles offered. When you have this data ready, you can make a better decision about what to choose after 10th class!

4. Consult with Education Experts / Consult with Education Counselors

A qualified education counselor can help clear your vision and identify a stream that suits you best. If you have access to a counselor, make use of them. In addition to helping you know more about your strengths and interests, they will guide you to understand if your preferred stream has scope in the future. 

5. Analyze your Budget

Finances play a crucial role when it comes to choosing a stream after 10th. It is an ideal approach to sit down with your parents or guardians to conduct a budget analysis. It helps to be prepared in advance. While you can’t put aside your preferred program for high fees, you can definitely get an education loan or consider other institutes offering the same course.  

6. Explore Different Career Options

It is not wrong to have an interest in a handful of areas. But there is no harm in analyzing multiple streams and determining their future scope, especially if you are academically bright. The idea is to identify what your future in that stream would look like. Will it stay in demand a few years down the line? Is the industry vulnerable to recession? Gain clarity on these questions so you can have a rewarding professional life. 

List of Streams After 10th / Common Streams You Can Choose After 10th Class

1. Science 

To help you overcome the confusion of which stream to choose after 10th, let us introduce you to one of the sought-after streams, Science. If you have an interest in subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Computer, and Biology, you can opt for Science. This stream will open the doors to careers in Engineering, Research, Medicine, Data Analysis, and Pharmacy.  

2. Commerce

This is the second  common choice among students after Science. The Commerce stream encompasses subjects related to Finance, Trade, Business, Accounts, and Economics. Students with a penchant for Accounts, Marketing, or Banking-related roles can opt for Commerce. You may even attempt some competitive exams after class 10th, like CA Foundation Course, ICWA Foundation Course, and CS Foundation Course.

3. Humanities/Arts Stream

This is another highly-explored and an extensive stream among the major three. Students with an inclination for subjects like History, Literature, Political Science, Geography, and Languages can opt for the Humanities/Arts stream. This field will lead you to a career in Anthropology, Public Relations, Journalism, Archaeology, Law, Education, and Social Work. 

4. Vocational

Students who want to pursue specialized courses, such as Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Nursing, or Jewellery Designing can opt for vocational programs. 

5. Polytechnic 

Several colleges offer Polytechnic diploma courses for students who have completed 10th class. Those interested in  a career in subjects like Civil, Mechanical, Computers, and Chemicals should pursue Polytechnic. The duration of these courses varies between 1, 2, and 3 years. 

How to Choose the 5th Subject?

In CBSE, students are required to choose the 5th subject for classes 11th and 12th. The optional subject must be chosen carefully, depending on your long-term goal. If you are preparing for exams like NEET, ensure you choose a subject that doesn’t pressurize you and yet adds to your skillset. The following are some of the choices available to you:

1. Computer Science

2. Physical Education

3. Music

4. French

5. IP

Should We Take the 6th Subject?

It is not mandatory to choose the 6th subject in classes 11th and 12th. So, students can take an additional subject as per their capacity and interests. This subject serves to compensate for the potential of scoring low marks in one of the main subjects or to have alternate career options open. 

Mistakes Students Should Avoid While Choosing a Stream After 10th 

The stream you choose will determine your career and how you will progress in your professional life. Making a wrong decision at this stage can hold you back in your career. Hence, be wary of the following mistakes students are most prone to make when deciding what to choose after 10th:

1. Lack of Thorough Research

If we look at the scenario from two decades ago , there were limited career options. Now, things have changed and there are hundreds of courses available to pursue. Using parental guidance, career counseling, and the internet, conduct thorough research about different streams, their level of complexity, and higher education opportunities. Consider the potential employment opportunities different streams will offer. In the due process, don’t succumb to pressure. A lack of research might make you choose a stream that is not apt for you.

2. Ignoring your Instincts

This is one of the common mistakes that students are prone to make. Opt for a field that aligns with your interests, strengths, and skills. Do not pick a field just because it shows great potential for the future. Instead, choose a career path that will bring you joy, satisfaction, and stability. 

3. Peer Pressure

Many students choose a stream because their friends have opted for the same or parents have influenced them to do so. They don’t assess their abilities and interests and blindly follow suggestions given by friends, teachers, or parents. This can directly hamper one’s career. 

4. No Expert Counseling

Not all students and their parents are open to the idea of career counseling. They don’t take the need for professional help seriously and believe that they can take this decision by themselves. However, it is important to seek advice from career counselors as they can guide students in the right direction and help them make the right career choice.

Evaluate All  Factors and Choose a Suitable Stream

Figuring out which stream to choose after 10th is no easy feat. After all, the decisions you take after class 10 and 12 determine the kind of professional life you are likely to have. This pressure to make a decision on our own can be overwhelming, but earning rewards in the form of a successful career makes it worth it. 

So, irrespective of the stream you choose, know that they all have their own pros and cons. Reflect on your interests, skills, strengths, and long-term goals. Also, consult your parents, career counselors, and teachers, and then make an informed decision. This will help you catapult your career path in the right direction.

FAQs on Stream Selection After 10th 

1. Which is the easiest stream after 10th class? 

Polytechnic courses like Civil, Mechanical, Computer, and Chemical are thought of as easy subjects after 10th class. However, the degree of ease or difficulty of a stream varies among students, depending on one’s interests and academic skills.

2. Which are the three main streams after 10th?

The three main streams after class 10 are Science, Commerce, and Humanities/Arts.

3. What is the career option for students who choose Commerce?

Commerce stream opens various career options like Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary (CS), Auditing, and Investment  Banking.

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