Summer Parenting Tips: Ideas to Keep Kids Active and Engaged During Holidays

May 31, 2023 | By: Extramarks

Summer parenting tips

It’s that time of the year when children start anticipating days filled with playtime. But the prospect of summer break isn’t as fascinating for parents. Most parents want to avoid those dreaded holiday conversations, “I’m bored” or “I’m too lazy to go outside”. That’s why it’s crucial to schedule some productive activities that will boost your child’s learning during the holidays. Doing so will help you manage your kids’ downtime and make the summer break relaxing for everyone. 

Why Parenting is More Essential During Summer Vacation?

These few months are the time when there’s no rush to do anything. This is when there’s plenty of time for both parents and children to bond. At the same time, summer breaks provide a great opportunity for children to hone new skills. Parents can ensure they facilitate the right resources that can help their kids learn new activities even when schools are closed. This is a win-win because kids will get equipped with new skills, their minds will stay active, and parents won’t have to shoulder the responsibility of entertaining them the entire day – especially when they are at the workplace.

Tips for Parents to Keep Their Kids Healthy and Safe in the Heat

With summer vacation comes an increased risk of health hazards like heat strokes, dehydration, and severe burns. To help parents protect their kids from the scorching heat without depriving them of any fun, we have put together some summer tips for parents. Read on to learn more!

1. The most important thing you can do to avoid heat-related illnesses for your kids is to keep them hydrated. Ensure they consume plenty of fluids in the form of juices and water. 

2. The summer slows down the digestion process among kids due to high temperatures. It is recommended to serve them hydrating and high-protein snacks like yogurt, seasonal fruits, eggs, and smoothies. 

3. Dressing your kids appropriately for the hot weather is essential. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton and linen, and avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester. Encourage kids to carry an umbrella or put on a hat, especially if they’re outdoors during peak hours of the day.   

Back To School

Children may need constant reminders to stay indoors and remain hydrated. As parents, it’s your responsibility to ensure they follow your instructions. 

Top 15 Summer Parenting Tips to Keep Children Busy During Vacation

Summer Parenting Tips

15 Summer Parenting Tips: How to Entertain and Engage Kids

Wondering what this summer will look like for your kids? Here’s what you can do to engage your children in mindful activities during the summer holidays.

Tip #1: Encourage Reading

Reading is a life skill. It boosts concentration and memory and promotes self-confidence. Raising a reader starts with simple steps, such as displaying regular reading habits, initiating a dialogue around books at home, and providing kids with access to books they enjoy. Getting children started on comics is an excellent way to get them interested in reading. You can eventually help them transition to short story books.

Tip #2: Schedule Bird Watching Weekends 

You can make it a weekend routine to visit some of the nearby bird-spotting hotspots. This is a good activity for children to learn about different local birds. Just remember to carry a pair of binoculars for lending a better experience to kids. Students can identify and note down the birds they spotted. They can also refer to a book to know more about their habitats and differences.      

Tip #3: Visit a Museum

Museums provide opportunities for children to gain a deeper conceptual understanding of various fields. Whether you take your children to a science museum, an art museum, or an archaeological museum, they’re likely to develop curiosity. Encourage them to ask questions, and don’t worry if you don’t have answers to all of them. The idea is to foster interesting conversations. 

Tip #4: Practice Meditation

The practice of mediation and the peace it brings can help children of all age groups! By teaching them mindfulness, we equip them with tools to handle stress and positively approach challenges. The best way to teach them meditation is by asking them to close their eyes and breathe in and out slowly. Once they are comfortable, offer them tools to improve their practice.

Tip #5: Go Hiking 

Hiking with children is one of the best ways to connect with nature. It is also an excellent time to teach kids the role of orienteering and map reading. You could also look for camping spots with a scenic view to enjoy. Engaging in such fun and adventurous activities are great to stay physically fit and gain new experiences. This is something everyone in the family can enjoy together.    

Tip #6: Conduct a Tree Planting Activity

Being in green environments can improve mental and physical health. How about dedicating a few hours to helping children and nature thrive together? Choose an appropriate location in your vicinity and take your kids with their friends to plant trees. Allow them to decide what they want to grow in their garden and encourage them to water these plants regularly. This is a great daytime activity on a hot summer day.

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Tip #7: Train for a Marathon

There are plenty of fun runs and kids’ running programs that children can participate in. This will boost their ability to be physically active, develop a healthy competitive spirit, and improve their social skills. 

Tip #8: Host a Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is the best way to engage children in outdoor activities. Create a checklist of things they can photograph, either with a phone or camera, like flowers, cars, street signs, or animals. This will induce their curiosity and observation skills, and keep them occupied for hours at a stretch. 

Tip #9: Create a Writing Schedule

The summer brain drain can occur quickly. Expressive writing and journaling help to boost memory and improve communication skills. So, encourage your kids to start or end each day by writing a journal to express their thoughts, stress levels, and other events. This is a great way to get their minds moving in the right direction. 

Tip #10: Teach Kids About Charity

Find ways to involve your kids in volunteering or doing charity in their own capacity. Brainstorm the possibilities of who your kids can help, like their classmates, animals, the environment, or the homeless. These activities will help your children learn first-hand how satisfying giving to others can feel. 

Make the Most of Summer Holidays

There are countless tips for parents for summer holidays that can be implemented to make summer breaks fun for children. Most of the activities mentioned above are easily doable and inexpensive. Importantly, they will help boost a child’s creativity and critical thinking skills. See what you can find and choose activities where you can assist your child in developing new skills. Hereon, salvage summer breaks and turn them into the best time for your family!

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1. Why are summer vacations essential for children?

Summer vacations provide children an opportunity to relax and de-stress from the school session and learn new activities favorable for their growth. 

2. What are the core benefits of keeping children engaged in creative activities during summer breaks?

Creative activities help children develop imagination, improve their skills, and identify their creative inclinations.

3. Is it healthy for children to be outdoors during summer?

Children tend to play better outdoors than indoors, and they need regular opportunities to do so. Indulging in outdoor activities can help connect with nature, reduce obesity, improve motor development, and become more social.   

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