Yoga for Students: Practice These 10 Yoga Postures to Boost Brain Power

June 20, 2023 | By: Extramarks

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3…2…1…take a deep breath and enter zen mode. What better way to introduce zen than to practice yoga! Did you know that continuous yoga practice can lead to improved brain function and enhanced memory power? In fact, research suggests that students who practiced yoga performed better in academics. Proposed by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at the United Nations (UN) assembly, International Yoga Day has been celebrated worldwide on 21st June since 2015. 

To make this International Yoga Day special, we have put together a comprehensive guide to ignite the benefits of yoga for students and tread the path to personal and academic growth.  

Advantages of Yoga for Students

As thrilling as student life can be, it is not always a bed of roses. Keeping up with the pace of the curriculum, countless assignments, exams, and the pressure to outperform themselves can often be mentally taxing. Here’s where yoga can play a transformative role. Let’s understand how by looking at the top five benefits of yoga for students. 

1. Reduces Stress & Anxiety

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Yoga has the innate ability to stabilize the nervous system and promote relaxation. It does this by regulating the stress hormone, better known as cortisol. By practicing Yoga on a regular basis, students can cease the mental chatter, relieve any stress or anxiety issues and subsequently maintain a balanced state of being. 

2. Boosts Academic Performance 

A strong mind-body connection is a key element for effectively coping with challenges and developing clarity. Yoga helps students develop a clear mind which, in turn, enables them to grasp new information better. This enables them to focus and retain study material with ease, thereby improving academic results. 

3. Enhances Memory and Attention Span

What if there was a way to learn more in less time? Wouldn’t that be the perfect solution to ace academics? This is exactly how Yoga helps students. It aids in reducing hyperactivity, managing distractions and boosting concentration levels. Practicing Yoga regularly strengthens a part of the brain that plays a key role in enhancing memory, attention and awareness.   

4. Promotes Brain Health 

Research suggests that practicing Yoga has the ability to enhance brain function. It has been linked to improved mental function, which boosts cognitive skills like learning and memory. It drives the generation of new brain cells, which promotes optimum brain health. So, students who practice Yoga regularly can experience its brain-boosting benefits. 

5. Improves Posture & Flexibility 

Developing a poor posture in the formative years of life because of long lectures or online classes could result in complications eventually. Practicing Yoga at an early age encourages in maintaining the right body posture and enhances flexibility. This makes the body resilient enough to withstand long study hours as well as high energy levels. 

What Are the Best Yoga Asanas for Students?

Student life is pretty much synonymous with hustle. There’s so much to do, learn and practice at all times that a balanced mind is not just a mere need but an absolute necessity. Besides the obvious physical benefits, when students integrate yoga as part of their routine, it enhances their mental and emotional well-being. Moreover, it also creates a solid mind-body connection, which improves concentration levels, promotes self-regulation and boosts brain health. These are five beginner-friendly yoga asanas for students that pose immense benefits especially for students: 

1. Padmasana – The Lotus Pose 

Promotes relaxation, balance and creativity 

One of the most popular yoga asanas, Padmasana is a great pose for students to practice for improving concentration and relaxing the mind. It helps channelize thoughts and energy in the right direction, which gets rid of mental clutter and confusion. Students can practice this posture to relieve tension, build flexibility and deepen creativity.  

2. Sarvangasana – The Shoulder Stand

Improves circulation and concentration levels 

Sarvangasana is a highly powerful yoga posture that targets blood flow and optimizes cognitive functions. It strengthens the back and shoulder muscles while nourishing the pineal and hypothalamus glands. This yoga asana is great for students as it aids in maintaining good posture and heightens concentration levels. 

3. Matsyasana – The Fish Pose 

Enhances memory power 

Matsyasana is a great pose that works wonders on the muscular and respiratory system. For students who may be experiencing stress or anxiety, practicing this posture can alleviate symptoms as it promotes oxygen and blood flow to the lungs. It is also an effective posture to relieve fatigue, establish focus and improve memory power.

4. Setu Bandhasana – The Bridge Pose

Promotes balance and flexibility 

Setu Bandhasana is among the best yoga postures for students as it helps in calming the central nervous system and improving blood circulation. It strengthens shoulder, back and chest muscles and also keeps the spine protected. This promotes better posture, reduces anxiety and relieves stress. 

5. Paschimottanasana – Seated Forward Bend Pose  

Strengthens focus and brain power 

This yoga asana helps students learn and retain better by boosting cognitive skills and bringing a sense of clarity and calmness to the mind. It stretches out the back and hamstring muscles, which ensures good flexibility and posture. Moreover, it stretches the spine which alleviates stress and promotes relaxation, enabling students to learn more effectively. 

Which Yoga Posture Helps Improve Concentration? 

If there were a switch on and off button to heighten the ability to focus, students would never have to combat distraction mode ever again. While a magical button to fine-tune attention spans may not exist, yoga has the power to 10x both focus and concentration levels. It is reported that practicing 20 minutes of Yoga a day can improve brain function and boost concentration levels. 

Here are three yoga asanas for students that helps in enhancing concentration levels: 

1. Vrikshasana – The Tree Pose 

This is the easiest yet most beneficial asana that helps attain physical and mental balance. It streamlines the left and right channels, which enables students to maintain clarity and boost focus levels while studying. When practiced over time, Vrikshasana improves body posture and stimulates a strong mind-body connection. 

2. Garudasana – The Eagle Pose

Garudasana is known to boost energy in the body by strengthening the immune system. It enhances focus and balance while strengthening the ankles, thighs, back and core. What’s more, it improves circulation and enhances joint health. Students can witness a rise in concentration levels as they get comfortable with this asana and practice it regularly. 

3. Tadasana – The Mountain Pose

Also known as ‘the mother of all asanas’, Tadasana is the base from which all other yoga asanas emerge. Practicing this will allow students to bring awareness to their breath and strengthen the nervous system. It relaxes the muscles and promotes heightened levels of focus. 

Which Meditation Yoga Helps Students in Improving Studies? 

The path to boosting brain power involves developing a healthy connection between the body and mind. While yoga is a great way to develop and build this connection, it is another component of yoga, also known as pranayama, that truly helps strengthen the mind-body connection. Here are three simple beginner-friendly pranayamas that students can practice for improving their academic performance: 

1. Bhramari Pranayama 

This calming breathing technique is also called Humming Bee Breath. That is because it involves making a humming sound while inhaling and exhaling through the nose. The practice creates a healing vibration that relieves tension and promotes relaxation.

2. Anulom-Vilom Pranayama

Also known as alternate nostril breathing, this is a simple yet effective practice that helps in beating stress and balancing the right and left channels of the body. Students can witness benefits like improved brain function, high energy levels and increased memory power by practicing this pranayama.  

3. Kapalbhati Pranayama

This powerful meditation yoga focuses on the practice of forceful exhalation. Besides improving concentration levels, this practice can help students declutter their mind and introduce a sense of calmness and balance in their lives.  

We hope that this informative guide on yoga for students inspires you to make the smart move of integrating the art of yoga as part of your daily routine. For smart moves that will target all your educational needs, check out the Extramarks Learning App and get ready to experience academic success! 

Last Updated on September 1, 2023

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