How To Choose an Effective Classroom Management Software – 7 Key Features

March 31, 2023 | By: Extramarks

Classroom Management

What better way to guide a student’s academic journey than to assess their progress and support their learning needs every step of the way! But is this possible in a digital learning environment? It has been established that academic institutions that embrace edtech as part of their learning experience can be more effective and efficient for both students and teachers. According to a report by Inc42, India’s edtech industry is undergoing massive growth and is projected to reach USD 10.4 billion by 2025 with more than 37 million paid edtech users. 

Today, digital devices such as laptops and tablets are commonly used as learning tools across many educational institutions. While they pose multiple benefits and bring about an element of flexibility and convenience to learning, they can sometimes be a distraction. So how can educators make sure that students remain focused and distraction-free in the classroom? Enter classroom management software. 

What is a Classroom Management Software?

A classroom management software is generally used by educational institutions to manage and track students’ device activities in a learning environment. In a classroom where digital devices are utilized as learning tools, it is nearly impossible to keep an eye on every students’ computer screen. With an efficient classroom management software in place, teachers get a centralized view of students’ device screens and have the option to lock screens, close unrelated tabs and much more. The main purpose of this technology is to allow teachers to use tech solutions in the classroom while limiting student distractions. 

Why Use Classroom Management Software?

A classroom management software can take academic teaching and learning both to the next level. It enables teachers to supervise and manage the learning process with real-time monitoring of student progress and accomplishments whereas it enhances collaboration among students and gives them the tools to learn on the go. 

Here are some reasons why classroom management softwares are important: 

1. Enables cross-platform functionality

2. Supports all learning environments

3. Helps monitor student behavior and academic progress

4. Promotes structured learning

5. Allows teachers to set content restrictions

6. Boosts engagement and collaboration among students

7. Improves learning flexibility and efficiency 

A good classroom management software also creates a secure digital space that enables interactions with students and parents individually. Teachers may share learning material, informative links, resolve queries, conduct doubt-solving sessions, all through a single software. Moreover, they can also generate progress reports and directly share feedback with parents regarding students’ overall performance.

7 Major Features of an Effective Classroom Management Software

Good Classroom Software

There are a few things you may want to consider before narrowing down on a classroom management software of choice. It is a good idea to check on the features, suppliers, type of license, technical requirements, teacher training and the budget before making a choice. To help you make an informed decision, we take a look at the seven features that an effective classroom management software should have.  

1. User-friendly interface

Today, there is a huge competitive edge to choosing the right classroom management system. To make your choice easier, the first thing to consider is the ease of implementation and adoption of the software. Explore solutions that have a user-friendly interface, offer streamlined maintenance and helpful customer support. When a software is simple, unique and easy to use, it is likely to set both students as well as teachers up for success.

2. Classroom monitoring 

In a classroom that is powered by digital learning tools, it can sometimes be difficult for teachers to ensure that students are paying attention during an ongoing lecture. A good classroom management software can help teachers monitor and regulate students’ devices. It gives them a centralized view of students’ screens, an option to lock out keyboards of their console, blank student screens, restrict web activities and shut down tabs, among other things. 

3. Screen recording 

One of the most valuable features of an effective classroom management software is screen recording. This feature provides the option to record or save all lectures in any major video format such as QuickTime, Flash, etc. Teachers can also add sound, text, images, effects or even edit any specific part of the lecture, if required. Moreover, students who may have missed a session or want to revisit a lecture can access the session recording anytime to get back on track.

4. Digital whiteboards

A digital whiteboard is an interactive classroom tool that allows content from a computer device to be displayed on an electric screen using a projector. It offers access to different multimedia which improves student retention and engagement levels, as it can be connected to both individual and multiple student devices. It is an incredibly effective and handy set up that allows daily lectures to be stored, printed in the form of information data sheets or sent in the form of an email to students.

5. Performance tracking 

A classroom management software that has a performance tracking feature allows teachers to keep track of student’s behavior, performance and progress. It adds transparency to the learning environment and puts each student’s learning path into perspective. Setting definite dates for assignment/project submissions, receiving information regarding students grades, attendance and course completion, and access to progress reports are a few ways in which the performance tracking feature can be helpful. 

6. Vast subject coverage 

Choosing a classroom management software that employs different programs covering a wide range of subjects can be incredibly beneficial for teachers in particular. It makes it a lot more convenient to access programs that have been designed to teach all kinds of different subjects ranging from music and art to history or mathematics. It also provides teachers with the opportunity to present lessons in subject areas even with limited training.

7. Cloud storage 

Using cloud technology, teachers can transfer and save the entire learning material online and access it from anywhere. They can easily store and share data which students can access even remotely at any time with proper authentication. Implementing cloud-based solutions are a great way to back up teaching material and also tends to be more cost-effective in terms of managing the software system. With cloud storage, the software can also be used for hybrid or distance learning as students and teachers can access it using their internet browsers.

Highlights of Extramarks Software for Modern Educators with Quality Classroom Management

Extramarks offers end-to-end smart school solutions. With interactive smart classrooms, engaging animated content, personalized assessment and live classes, you can experience the power of digital education with Extramarks. Thanks to Smart Class Plus, you can get access to a 360-degree academic ecosystem that has been created using a winning combination of Classroom Solutions, Assessment Center and Learning Application-all in a single platform. Here are some game-changing features of this digital teaching-learning solution: 

1. Unlimited practice content

2. Performance assessment center

3. Lecture recordings

4. One-tap video tutorials  

5. Seamless connectivity

6. Self-tests

7. Supplementary learning resources 

8. Cloud-based services

So get ready to take your learning experience to the next level by harnessing the power of plus!

In today’s evolving education landscape, there is a need for effective classroom management software that can support an interactive learning environment with edtech tools at its core. Now that we have covered the main features to look out for, we hope that you choose a classroom management software that is tailored to your needs.  

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