How to Ensure Student Retention Using Integrated Coaching

November 23, 2023 | By: Extramarks

Integrated Coaching

Students aspiring to secure top competitive exam results in entrance exams like JEE and NEET are often forced to choose between the familiar structured environment of school and the focused environment of coaching centres. This choice can have an immense impact, not only on students vying for seats in top colleges in the country but also on schools that strive to retain these brilliant minds. While schools face talented students leaving their institutes in favour of coaching centres, integrated programs have emerged as a beacon of hope, promising a balanced amalgamation of school education and competitive coaching. This blog delves into how integrated coaching aids schools in keeping their top talent under their wing, nurturing them for success in some of India’s most challenging exams.

The Drift to Coaching Centers

The narrative has been familiar – bright students leaving the school environment to join the ranks of coaching institutes that specialise in delivering top competitive exam results. This departure not only strips schools of their academic leaders but also impacts the overall morale and student performance. The trend poses the question: What can schools do to stem this tide? The answer lies in understanding the draw of these coaching centres. Some of the factors that attract students are personalised attention, technological superiority, a curriculum geared towards exam patterns, and an environment humming with competitive fervour. To combat this, schools need a strategy that encompasses these strengths while adding the value of a holistic educational experience.

How Integrated Programs Help Retain Talent

Integrated Coaching

An integrated school can offer a strategic reconfiguration of their curriculum to include intensive coaching for entrance exams. This represents a total transformation of educational institutions to support their student’s academic aspirations. Integrated coaching goes beyond mere academic preparation; signifying a nurturing philosophy that fosters academic prowess without uprooting students from the familiarity of the school’s learning environment. By integrating the best of both worlds, integrated programs allow students to excel academically and grow holistically, thus providing a compelling reason for students to stay in their original schools.

How Integrated Programs Benefit High-Achieving Students

High-achieving students are often in search of educational experiences that are designed specifically to help them achieve academic excellence. Integrated programs are designed to meet these expectations by offering a variety of advantages:

1. Tailored Academic Rigour

Integrated programs align with the intellectual calibre of high achievers by providing a curriculum that’s both challenging and stimulating. The advanced coursework is designed to push these students to harness their full potential. This leads to a better grasp of complex concepts that are critical for competitive exams like JEE and NEET.

2. Efficient Time Management

Since the school curriculum and competitive exam preparation are streamlined, students save precious time that would otherwise be spent juggling different learning schedules. This integration allows for a more efficient use of time, with school hours contributing directly to exam preparation.

3. Reduced Stress and Burnout

The pressure of attending separate coaching classes can lead to increased stress and potential burnout. Integrated programs eliminate the need for additional coaching, reducing the physical and emotional toll on students, and allowing them to learn at a balanced pace.

4. Access to Specialized Resources

Integrated programs like Extramarks Smart Class Plus often provide exclusive access to specialised study materials, practice tests, and advanced learning tools. High-achieving students can benefit from these resources.

5. Personalised Attention

Teachers in integrated programs are well-versed in identifying and catering to the individual needs of high-achieving students. Personalised attention ensures that these students can work on their areas of improvement and excel in their strengths.

6. Leveraging Technology

Integrated programs like Extramarks School Integrated Program harness technology like smart classrooms that traditional schools often lack. Interactive tools and digital resources provide an engaging platform for complex concepts, while online assessments offer real-time progress tracking, allowing for a focused and efficient study approach. This integration of digital learning ensures that high-achieving students are well-prepared for the digital future and competitive examinations alike.

Extramarks’ School Integrated Program

Amidst the array of integrated programs facilitating JEE and NEET preparation, the Extramarks School Integrated Program distinguishes itself, offering a custom-crafted educational experience that integrates seamlessly with a school’s existing curriculum. Here’s a glimpse into the features and benefits that make Extramarks’ School Integrated Program stand out and keep top talent engaged and motivated in their school environment. 

1. Expert-Led Live Classes

It brings the classroom to life with live, interactive sessions led by seasoned mentors. This live class solution allows students to receive premium competitive exam coaching within their school’s premises. Custom batch sizes and schedules ensure that every student’s learning needs are met.

2. Practice and Assessment Platform

With an extensive question bank and customised tests, Extramarks’ School Integrated Program offers an intuitive practice environment. The platform is equipped with advanced proctoring tools to maintain the integrity of online assessments and ensure that each student has a comprehensive understanding of every topic.

3. High-Quality Study Resources

SIP participants gain access to excellent study materials including expert-curated books tailored to those attempting competitive exams. These resources stay in stride with the latest exam patterns and allow students to pace their learning at their convenience.

4. Leading Faculty Members

The calibre of its faculty is central to the success of the Extramarks School Integrated Program. Experts who have a distinguished track record of producing top-rankers in competitive exams are handpicked to create a curriculum that is both challenging and effective. 

5. In-Depth Performance Reports

Leveraging data-driven insights, the program offers detailed reports on students’ performance. The platform digs into time spent per question, time spent split by difficulty, and a detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

6. Lectures On-Demand 

Flexibility is key in the structure of Extramarks’ School Integrated Program, with around-the-clock access to a large library of recorded lectures. Students can revisit complex topics and solidify their understanding at a convenient pace, ensuring no one is left behind.

7. Interactive Doubt Solving

Doubts are addressed in real-time through daily webinars and live doubt sessions, where students get the opportunity to engage with experts, one-on-one. This ensures that each query is resolved, solidifying the students’ clarity.

Extramarks School Integrated Program is not just a preparation tool to increase student performance in rigorous exams like JEE and NEET, but a retention strategy for schools seeking to nurture and keep their brightest minds. Extramarks’ legacy of over 15 years and its remarkable track record, which includes guiding over 1,000 students to score in the 99th percentile, is a testament to its excellence in academic preparation.

The School Integrated Program offers schools the dual advantage of empowering students and enhancing their educational brand. It’s an invitation for schools to improve their student retention and become a preferred choice for top talent. Consider Extramarks as your strategic partner in fostering an environment of academic success and in keeping your high achievers engaged. Adopt Extramarks’ School Integrated Program to join our journey of educational transformation today. 

Last Updated on December 7, 2023

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