Most Important, Easy and Scoring Chapters for JEE Main

March 9, 2023 | By: Extramarks

To be among the toppers of JEE Main is the dream of every JEE aspirant. However, with the vast JEE Main syllabus, many of them find it difficult to cover every topic from all three subjects. To help them with their JEE prep, we have compiled a list of scoring chapters for JEE Main that can be helpful for every JEE aspirant.

To clear the JEE Main, you must understand the basics of all the topics and chapters thoroughly. During your revision, you can focus on the most scoring chapters for JEE Main. We have segregated the list of JEE Main scoring chapters into two parts- high weightage and low weightage topics based on JEE Main previous years’ question papers, JEE toppers and Extramarks experts. Therefore, aspirants preparing for JEE Main must focus on most scoring chapters for JEE Main, prioritising high weightage topics and move forward to low weightage topics later, as mastering the scoring topics for will definitely take you a step ahead in achieving your aim. 

Below is a list of most scoring chapters and important chapters for JEE Main preparation:

JEE Main Scoring Chapters for Physics

High WeightageLow Weightage
Heat & ThermodynamicsHeat Transfer
Ray OpticsFluids
Electromagnetic WavesNuclear Physics & X-Rays
SemiconductorsWork, Energy & Power
Error & Instrument AnalysisUnits & Measurements
GravitationDual Nature of Matter & Radiation
Wave OpticsCircular Motion
Photoelectric EffectCenter of Mass & Collisions
OscillationsCommunication Systems
Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating CurrentLaws of Motion
Current Electricity & Capacitors 
Properties of Matter 
Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism 
Bohr’s Atomic Model 
Waves & Sound 

JEE Main Scoring Chapters for Chemistry

High WeightageLow Weightage
Atomic StructureChemical Equilibrium
Gaseous & Liquid StateRedox & Volumetric Analysis
Chemical KineticsMetallurgy
Nuclear & Surface ChemistryQualitative Analysis
Chemical BondingHydrocarbons
d-Block ElementsMole Concept
Co-ordination CompoundIonic Equilibrium
Alkyl HalidesSolid State
Aromatic Compoundss-Block Elements
ThermodynamicsPeriodic Classification
p-Block ElementsClassification & Nomenclature
General Organic ChemistryAlcohol & Ether
IsomerismNitrogen Compounds & Aliphatic Amines
Aldehydes and KetonesBiomolecules & Polymers
Carboxylic Acids & Its Derivatives 

JEE Main Scoring Chapters for Mathematics

High WeightageLow Weightage
3 Dimensional GeometryDifferential Equation
Determinant & MatricesTrigonometric Equation
Sequence & SeriesStatistics
Straight LineMathematical Logic
CircleSet & Relation
Probability Distribution (Binomial + Mean & Variance)Height & Distance
Definite Integral & Area Under the CurveTrigonometric Ratio & Functions
Limits, Continuity & DifferentiabilityProperties of Triangle
FunctionsPermutation & Combination
Application of DerivativesIndefinite Integral
Conic Sections 
Complex Number 
Quadratic Equation 
Binomial Theorem & M. I. 

These subjects may appear difficult at first glance, but mentioned above are some of the most scoring  topics for JEE Mains from these subjects and with enough practice and dedication, you will succeed without a doubt. And these JEE Main scoring chapters will certainly help you in scoring maximum marks.

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How Can Extramarks Help You Prepare for Most Scoring and Easy Topics for JEE Main?

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7. National Level Weekly Test Series: These all-India test series are a great way to make you understand where you stand in terms of the overall preparation with your peers.

Aspirants have to understand that the topics are not easy to master. But since they are scoring topics in JEE Main, you have to learn and practice them thoroughly to get a good rank. Candidates can refer to JEE Main easy and scoring chapters from this article and prepare them accordingly. They help you review your weaknesses and help you come up with a well-planned strategy for the upcoming test. Start your JEE Mains preparation with Extramarks today! Master some of the most easy and scoring chapters and come out as a winner.

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