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February 21, 2024 | By: Extramarks

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Extramarks launched a unique program called Parent Exclusive Programme (PEP) Talks, where parents can gain inspiration, support, and appropriate direction. Through the PEP Talks webinar series, parents may access a wealth of methods and tools to support their child’s academic endeavors. PEP Talks covers everything, from creating an atmosphere that supports holistic growth to understanding every aspect of exam preparation.

Joining the PEP Talks community is straightforward. Parents can register for upcoming webinars through the Extramarks website, ensuring they stay informed about future sessions and how to access them. These webinars not only offer direct access to educational experts but also feature interactive Q&A sessions, allowing parents to address their specific concerns and queries.

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The first live webinar, held on January 7, 2024, was a resounding success, setting a high standard for the series.The significance of self-control and goals in life. The three success mantras for success that should be followed in order to attain the goals that are significant in our lives. The session was themed, “The Road to Success: Ensure Your Child’s Results in the Competitive World.” The speakers, Mr. Vijay Bhaskar, JEE Head at Extramarks Education, and Dr. Akriti Tyagi, NEET Head at Extramarks Education, brought a wealth of experience to the table. Mr Bhaskar, an alumnus of IIT Bombay, and Dr Tyagi, a distinguished PhD holder from Delhi University, shared their insights into the pathways to success in competitive exams. 

Our presenters provided us with incredible insight into success and the actions we can take to reach our goals. The different professional paths that students might take into consideration following their 12th grade year. The seminar’s objectives were to educate parents and the aspirants about the opportunities available to them as they pursue their careers and to help them focus their goals with the assistance of Extramarks professionals in the field. 


Success is a very subjective topic. Success is defined differently by each individual. Success can take many different forms, including being wealthy, advancing in one’s job, receiving praise, being happy, or having a positive influence on the lives of others. The path to success is a path that is unknown. A person who is successful feels fulfilled and accomplished, which makes them happy. A person requires direction in order to succeed. 

Academic achievement is frequently defined as reaching desired outcomes in one’s educational activities. A person’s ability to succeed in exams and place higher academically than others are indicators of their achievement in school. Our experts discussed academic milestones and how to reach them in the webinar.


  1. YOUR GOAL – The first step toward success is knowing what you want to accomplish. A person who is interested in biology and wants to learn more about how the human body functions could choose to become a doctor. As a result, you have a goal and may jumpstart your career. The goal should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound.

Extramarks does a Psychometric analysis which helps the students and parents to understand their goals, strengths and weaknesses better. 

Beginning the planning process as soon as possible. An individual’s foundation gets stronger when they get started young. By the time of the tests, the individual has developed the confidence to overcome any roadblock. Starting early gives the person a competitive advantage.

  1. SETTING THE DISCIPLINE – Concentration is easily disrupted by distractions. Consequently, it is critical to practice discipline. Concentration is hampered when a phone is checked while studying. Building discipline takes time and immense will. To adapt in the competitive world, it is better to start early.
  2. ACQUIRING KNOWLEDGE – having the knowledge to kick start is crucial. The knowledge of where to start and getting guided in the right path.

Experts provide live sessions in extramarks where they address students’ questions immediately. Facilities for recorded lessons and doubt sessions are also offered. After classes, lecture notes are also available. 

  1. CHOOSING THE RIGHT MENTOR – The path to success becomes fairly obvious and easy to follow when you select the appropriate mentor. They inspire you to make positive changes and guide you in the correct direction.

In extramarks, experts from IIT, NIT and doctors take live sessions which help the students to get clarity about competitive exams and how they can ace in that. Mentorship programmes as well as continuous assessments are taken for the improvement of the students. 


  • Clear concepts – when the concepts are clear to the students, the topics are easier to understand. Hence, the students ace their exams easily and are less stressed about their exams. 
  • Hard Work – working hard to understand the topics. Both mentor and students’ efforts are recognised when they work hard and the hard work shows on the marks they gain through school or competitive exams. 
  • Evaluation – consistently and continuously with the assessment. In order to grow from mistakes, it’s critical to assess oneself every day. We can improve our learning from the mistakes we make.


There are career options one may pursue after 12th grade. Nowadays there are a vast variety of careers. Not only doctors and engineers but also accounting, interdisciplinary fields, artificial intelligence. People today have a wide range of career options to choose from, depending on their interests, abilities, and goals. These options range from conventional careers like engineering, medicine, and law to cutting-edge fields like digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy. 

Furthermore, as sustainability and social impact become more and more important, positions in environmental science, sustainable development, and social entrepreneurship are becoming more and more important. Ultimately, self-awareness, lifelong learning, and flexibility to succeed in a constantly changing job market are the keys to successfully navigating career alternatives.


  • The correct direction is necessary on the path to success. Goal-setting, self-discipline, appropriate information, and great guidance are the essential elements that help to pave the way. 
  • Make sure you educate yourself about the industry, its potential, and the opportunities it presents before pursuing any path that doesn’t fit your passion and drive. 
  • Students who practice on mock test papers gain confidence and improve their speed at solving problems. 
  • Achieving an exceptional outcome requires perseverance, hard work, and well-defined concepts. 

For more understanding, watch the webinar.

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Last Updated on February 21, 2024

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