15 Ways Digital Transformation In Education Affects School Leaders

November 22, 2023 | By: Extramarks

Ways Digital Transformation in Education Affects School Leaders

Since the outset of the digital transformation revolution, the world has witnessed new strategies of leadership and learning in every sector. Education is no exception. Schools worldwide have begun using digital technologies to refine and enhance their learning experience. However, digital transformation in education is more than just adding technology to an existing learning process. Moving from a traditional method of education to a digitally empowered format calls for changes in the organisational culture and a realignment of the vision and strategy of the entire institution.

That’s why experts say digital transformation is primarily a leadership challenge rather than a technological one. To align your talent, resources, and pedagogy with the new vision, and to implement digital transformation in the education industry across a school requires a fresh leadership perspective. And school leaders of today aren’t shying away from this challenge as they have quickly realised the advantages digitalisation brings to not only how they run their schools but also how their teachers feel empowered to teach better, how their students learn and perform better, as well how the parents have a deeper trust in their schools by feeling more engaged and involved.

Benefits of Digital Transformation in Education for School Leaders

The Advantages of Digitalisation in Education for School Leaders

As an EdTech brand, at Extramarks, we have always aimed to empower schools and teachers to adapt to the digitalisation in education happening all around us. And we have seen significant benefits playing out for the entire school ecosystem when school leaders are in sync with this digitalisation happening across our country. Let’s see where and how this revolution is helping schools, their leaders, their teachers, and their students and how Extramarks can help.

    1. Renew Your Vision for the Institution: School leaders can revisit their long-term vision for their institution and, by bringing in digitisation, rework it to create a picture of a new future. The compelling new leadership perspective can motivate your team of teachers, educators, and administrators to work towards the goal. It will be a driving force when you want your school to be 21st-century-ready.
    2. Align Different Departments: Digital transformation in an organisation does not occur in silos. If your school implements a student record management system to increase efficiency in fee collection, it will impact financial aid, student registration, and academics. Digital transformation allows you to align all your teams to work in tandem with each other.
    3. Improve Brand Credibility: Digitalisation in education can significantly enhance a school’s brand credibility by showcasing its commitment to innovation and adaptability in the modern world. School leaders and teachers who embrace digital tools and technologies demonstrate their dedication to providing students with up-to-date and relevant learning experiences. This commitment not only attracts tech-savvy students and parents but also positions the institution as a forward-thinking, progressive educational hub. It also bolsters a school’s credibility as a reputable and future-ready institution – something most parents look for now.
    4. Better ROI: Investing in digital transformation enables school leaders to optimise resource allocation, streamline administrative processes, and get proper feedback on students’ learning experiences. In the long run, the improved efficiency results in better ROI on the money you invest in digitalising your school processes.
    5. Increase Efficiency in Administrative Tasks: Automating mundane and tedious processes like attendance, resource allocation, scheduling, and salary disbursal can free up time for you and your staff. It will allow teachers to focus on pedagogical innovation and strategic initiatives for educational excellence.
    6. Career Enhancement for Teachers: Digitalisation in education offers significant career enhancement opportunities for teachers. By integrating technology into their teaching methods, educators can develop versatile skills that are in high demand in today’s digital world. Additionally, digitalisation enables teachers to access a wealth of online resources, collaborate with peers globally, and engage in continuous professional development, all of which can lead to improved teaching techniques and career growth.
    7. Effective Assessment: Digitalisation transforms assessments in education, offering advantages like diverse question formats, automated grading, and personalised learning. Digital tools enable educators to create interactive assessments, streamline grading, and gather insights for tailored teaching strategies. This enhances both student and teacher experiences by making assessments more efficient and effective.

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    1. Practical Assessment: Digitalising student records can also improve a school’s ability to analyse and assess student performance. Giving students a quick access link to tests and grades can improve their evaluation experience. Besides, teachers can use e-learning systems to assess homework, test papers, and projects. It can reduce the manual effort and improve accuracy for practical assessment.
    2. Personalised Learning: As an educator, you know that every student has their learning style and curve. With digital resources, you can empower your teachers to personalise the learning experience and mould their instruction patterns to suit the students. In the long run, it can help enhance the learning experience your institution gives students while empowering teachers to do more.

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    1. Enhanced Well-Being: School leaders are responsible for creating a conducive learning environment in their educational institution. Automating mundane work enables educators to focus on innovation in lesson plans and instruction techniques. When processes run efficiently, it fosters mental and emotional well-being for everyone and creates a stress-free environment for teachers and learners in your school.
    2. Improved Results: Students in modern schools respond positively to digitally enabled interactive learning methods. Learners who are motivated, interested in the lessons, and pay attention to their teachers’ instructions lead to better results throughout the year.
    3. Higher Conversion Rate for Higher Studies: Almost every parent hopes their child will get a high-quality college education after school. And the preparation for a good higher education begins at school. As a leader, you can leverage digital transformation in higher education to empower your system to support their groundwork for higher studies. Admissions in prestigious colleges can project a positive image for your school and complement your marketing efforts to attract the most talented students seeking the best learning opportunities.

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    1. Heighten Parent School Engagement: Digital systems enable schools to record and report accurate attendance details, test scores, and school activities in real-time. School leaders can share this information with parents to create a transparent communication channel. It builds trust and fosters better conversations between school authorities, students, and parents. It motivates parents to take a deeper involvement in their child’s education and support the school as best they can.

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  1. Cybersecurity: State-of-the-art digital information systems offer more than just speed and efficiency – they offer flawless protection and data security. Sensitive student information, institutional data, and personally identifiable information of all those associated with the school are safer and better protected from cyber threats and data breaches.
  2. Future Proof Education: Digital solutions for education are rapidly evolving. In a few years, technology will be a necessity for learning. School leaders who equip their institutions with the best digital learning aids are now positioning their schools for long-term success. Future-proofing learning is one of the most significant advantages of digital education. It ensures your students are prepared for the technology-enabled and dynamic real world.

How Extramarks Empower School Leaders

Extramarks Smart Class Plus: Extramarks Smart Class Plus is a digital solution that transforms the traditional teaching and learning processes in the classroom and beyond. We use cutting-edge technology to combine classroom management, seamless connectivity, and enhanced engagement to create a comprehensive learning experience for students.

Extramarks Assessment Centre: Adopt new-age assessment systems using the Extramarks Assessment Centre. We offer some exciting features that simplify test creation, enable teachers to conduct pen and paper tests efficiently, and allow quick grading with accuracy for every assessment. You can choose to integrate the Extramarks Assessment Centre alone, or avail of it as a feature in the Smart Class Plus Package.

The Challenges of Digital Transformation in Education

Digital transformation in education is not free from challenges. School leaders stand to gain a lot from digitalisation, but being aware of the obstacles in your path is essential. Here are some of the common challenges in education transformation to help you avoid them as you embark on the digital transformation journey:

  1. Lack of Up-to-date Systems: In the education sector, millions of institutions worldwide still need to function using updated technology and, in some cases, no technology at all. Transforming such an institution can be more challenging than upgrading tech in a school with sufficient technology resources. School leaders must adopt an open-minded approach and embrace digital transformation in the education sector, updating the existing systems according to available resources.
  2. No Digitalisation Strategy: One of the most common errors that school leaders make is to start without a vision or strategy for digitalisation. Digital transformation should be done with meticulous planning and prioritisation of learning needs.
  3. System Breakdown: Digitally enabled institutions should be prepared for any eventuality. Technical problems and glitches may occur and hinder the learning process in your school. Invest in high-quality malware and cybersecurity measures to ensure your systems run smoothly. Also, ensure that the engineers who build your systems are qualified and talented. Someone of a similar stature should be hired to maintain and troubleshoot the system as needed.

School leaders are riding the most significant wave of change in education. Those who accept and appreciate the indispensability of digitalisation in education are set to succeed in the future. Partnering with edtech experts like Extramarks can help you find the most suitable digital solutions for your school.

At Extramarks, our team works with you and your school to understand your needs and requirements along with your existing curriculum to customise the most effective solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing ecosystem.

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