Extramarks Smart Class Plus: The plus that powers new-age classrooms!

May 26, 2023 | By: Extramarks

Presenting Smart Class Plus

Do you know what was the most significant disruption to have reshaped the academic landscape of India? The implementation of digital tools across the education sector. Transitioning from traditional to modern tech-driven classrooms demanded both students and teachers to enhance their digital literacy game and embrace the personalization of learning. Cognizant of and in pace with these rapid developments in the Indian edtech space, Mr Atul Kulshrestha founded Extramarks in 2007, which has now become one of India’s fastest growing edtech companies. 

Innovation and modern edtech integration are at the core of Extramarks. Accompanying the excellence of the Extramarks Learning App and Teaching App is the comprehensive school solution called Extramarks Smart Class Plus. This integrated platform transforms conventional teaching-learning processes in the classroom and beyond. This advanced digital solution leverages an amalgamation of state-of-the-art tech infrastructure and expert-curated content to cater to the evolving demands of modern learning. 

Abiding by an all-encompassing approach to learning and taking the LPT approach a notch further, the Smart Class Plus platform follows an inclusive pedagogy of Diagnose, Learn, Practice, Test and Evaluate (DLPTE). It highlights the importance of identifying learning gaps and evaluating students’ performance along with the LPT approach to ensure a holistic learning experience.In this blog, we explore the tech-driven features that make Smart Class Plus a 360-degree digital solution for academic institutions.  

The Revolutionary Features That Make Extramarks A Plus

In today’s digitally-powered education space, finding the right combination of engaging-yet-effective learning solutions is key. Smart Class Plus powers the new-age classroom with prolific academic tools that are immersive, robust and user-friendly. In fact, more than 15,000+ schools around the world have already transformed their traditional classrooms with this cutting-edge digital learning infrastructure..

Let us take a look at the dynamic features that add the plus to Smart Class Plus. 

1. Interactive whiteboard

Traditional academic tools can sometimes restrict students from keeping up with the pace of learning. Smart Class Plus provides access to interactive whiteboards that gives both teachers and students a visual display of learning material with access to the internet in just one click. It makes lessons time-efficient, interactive and engaging with the help of drawing tools, geometric instruments, access to online educational games and much more

2. Power questions 

Power questions is a unique feature that generates unlimited variations of questions on the same topic to ensure that students truly understand and grasp concepts. This keeps students from rote memorization and also eliminates the possibility of cheating during examinations

3. Annotation 

This feature allows teachers to highlight phrases, write notes, circle words that need defining and essentially make any markings that calls attention to sections of the learning material that they’d like to emphasize on. Irrespective of how they are teaching- with the help of a video, a lecture or an online teaching game, teachers can freeze frames at any given point and make markings that they think are important. This in turn improves comprehension and retention of information 

4. Active learning 

Mastering concepts requires an in-depth understanding of the topic. With the active learning feature, students are prompted with questions after completing a chapter to assess their understanding in real-time. Once they answer correctly, they are guided to the next chapter. If not, they are prompted to practice again until they get it right. This innovative solution brings self-study and interactive feedback together, creating an active learning space   

5. Interactive learning 

Interactive learning tools are known to foster creativity and engagement. With interactive learning tools at Extramarks, you can curate a fun learning session by incorporating elements like brain teasers, pop quizzes, animated lessons and interactive simulations to drive extra engagement and boost retention  

6. Automated grading 

This new age solution simplifies the process of grading test papers and assignments. The automated grading feature allows students to scan and upload their answer sheets and get accurate and reliable offline assessments instantly. This highly efficient system streamlines the entire grading process that helps teachers save on valuable time 

7. Cloud-based solution 

Extramarks is equipped with cloud-based services, which means that students are equipped with the latest learning material and real-time content updates. This helps them stay up-to-date on lesson plans even in case of low internet bandwidth 

An Immersive Learning Experience With Smart Class Plus 

Extramarks Smart Class Plus

The world of edtech is rapidly evolving and introduces new upgrades from time to time. This is why it is important to stay ahead of the curve. Given that the New Education Policy (NEP) is revamping the education system in India, Smart Class Plus offers NEP-ready content to help students and teachers be well-prepared. From changes in the syllabus to new technologies and teaching methods – the platform delivers all real-time updates that empower both teachers and students.  

Combining a dynamic pedagogy with powerful digital technologies makes the Smart Class Plus experience seamless, interactive and effective. Let us dive further into what makes Smart Class Plus the future of education. 

Interactive Digital Content

The extraordinary benefits of interactive learning at Extramarks! 

A comprehensive curriculum and engaging learning modules are key elements of the Extramarks experience. The expert curated curriculum includes subjects across all classes and multiple boards to make learning as effective and fun as possible. The content is curated to suit students with different learning styles. Rich animations, presentations, tutorials, brain teasers, games, interactive simulations – there’s something for every learner. 

 A combination of game-based thematic approach and a layered pedagogy is used to target academic goals across both junior and senior grades. Moreover, teachers are able to fully leverage interactive tools such as digital whiteboards to demonstrate concepts visually using an array of virtual tools. This also improves student-teacher interaction during lectures and beyond the classroom. On the other hand, a solid cloud-based solution ensures that students get instant access to the latest study material in real-time. 

Hassle-free Assessment 

Maximize academic efficiency with instant assessment – in the classroom and beyond! 

The Extramarks platform accommodates individual learning preferences by offering flexible classroom assessment. As a technology-first offering, it features a centralized assessment center that helps educators streamline the overall grading process with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered assessment tools. These tools help monitor students’ performance, track their academic progress, analyze performance data and generate detailed personalized feedback reports. 

Teachers use readymade templates or design their own test papers that can be used in both online and offline classes. The offline assessment and automatic grading feature allows students to scan and upload their answer sheets that are instantly graded by powerful AI systems and generate accurate results. 

Reports and Actionable Insights 

Track and assess student performance with Bloom’s Taxonomy-based analytics 

Extramarks has curated the teaching-learning experience to be seamless yet impactful. Teachers have access to a dedicated classroom management dashboard where they can find all student-oriented data systematically slotted into categories. From students’ attendance and performance to scheduling classes and sending out notices, the dashboard has it all. 

Moreover, Smart Class Plus generates detailed student reports by tracking tests, quiz sessions and even assignments to derive actionable insights on their performance. These in-depth reports highlight students’ strengths and weaknesses and draw performance analytics based on Bloom’s Taxonomy parameters

After-school Connectivity 

Experience seamless school to home learning 

Mastering complex topics in an online class can be hard and may require visual demonstrations in order to be simplified. To refine students’ academic experience beyond school hours, Smart Class Plus offers an array of distinctive features that assist students in their learning journey. They get instant access to recorded classroom lectures that they can revisit to go over important topics. 

In case students miss out on a lecture, teachers can share the lecture recording along with supplementary learning resources like notes, videos or other material related to the lesson. For clarifying doubts, students can explore the one-tap video solution where they will get a visual demonstration of lessons to help them review and resolve any pending queries.

The Smart Class Plus platform empowers both students and teachers to experience the best experience in their learning-teaching journey. The comprehensive, integrated platform is a reflection of Extramarks’ unwavering commitment to excellence and relentless passion to offer a holistic educational experience. If you’re looking for a 360-degree academic ecosystem that offers immersive learning, reliable assessment, after-school solutions and more, explore Smart Class Plus by Extramarks and harness the power of plus today! 

Last Updated on September 1, 2023

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