ICSE Sample Question Papers for Class 6

ICSE Sample Papers for Class 6 All Subjects (2023-24)

Class 6 is the first step for students toward their higher studies. Students get introduced to plenty of new concepts when they are promoted to class 6. This can make things a bit new and tough for students. Students must practice through the ICSE sample papers for class 6 for different subjects as soon as they complete their curriculum.

ICSE Specimen Papers for Class 6 All Subjects  

Students who are promoted to class 6 get to study various new concepts related to their curriculum. It includes subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, Hindi, and others. On Extramarks, students can easily get ICSE sample papers for class 6  related to all the subjects. Students can prepare for their exams via sample papers and can acquire higher marks. Curated by experts, these sample papers consist of important questions and aim to improve the basic concepts of students.

ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 6
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 6 Physics
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 6 Chemistry
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 6 Maths
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 6 Biology
ICSE Sample Question Papers For Class 6 English

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  • Friction is both a friend and a foe. Justify the statement with examples.
  • State the differences between artificial and natural magnets.
  • Define contact force.
  • How does hydroelectricity production take place?
  • What do you mean by an inclined plane?


  • Define condensation.
  • Are metallic elements nonductile?
  • Differentiate between solid, gases, and liquid.
  • Differentiate between metals and non-metals.


  • Find the perimeter of a rectangle if the length is 3.5cm and the breadth is 5cm. 
  • Find the angles, if two angles are complementary and one angle is 6 degrees greater than three times the other.  
  • Calculate the HCF and LCM of 36, 24, 60, and 45.
  • Calculate 3a²-a⁴+3a³b²-a³b², if a=3 and b=-2.
  • If the HCF of two numbers is 26 and their product is 4780. Find the LCM


  • Define pollination.
  • Which leaf shows parallel venation.
  • State the differences between White Blood Cells and Blood Platelets.
  • How do desert plants adapt themselves to the desert?
  • State the stages of modification of the leaf. 


  • Write a composition on the conservation of our environment of not more than 200 words. 
  • Write a letter to the mayor of your town, requesting him to attend the Republic Day event at your school as the chief guest.
  • Akbar built the town of Fatehpur Sikri- change this into passive voice. 
  • Jack said to me, “Who are you waiting for?” – Change into indirect speech.

Overview of ICSE Specimen Papers for Class 6 All Subjects

Physics- Class 6 of Physics includes topics such as Force, Light, Energy, Magnetism, and concepts revolving around these topics. 

Chemistry- In the section on Chemistry, students will learn about different topics such as introduction to chemistry, Elements, Mixtures, Compounds, Matter, Air and Atmosphere, and Water.

Mathematics- For Class 6 Mathematics, students will learn about the Number system, Algebra, Ratio and Proportion, Mensuration, Geometry, and Data Handling.

Biology- There are five different chapters in the section of Biology in class 6. Students will gain an understanding of plant life, cells, Health and hygiene, the Human body, and Adaptation.

English- Students will read four sections- listening and speaking wherein they will have to listen to poems, stories, etc. In the Reading section, students will have to read different comprehensions and then answer the questions based on them. The third section is the Writing section in which students will learn how to write informal letters, short paragraphs, stories, etc. In the last section of Grammar and vocabulary, students will come across concepts related to pronouns, figures of speech, tenses, etc. 

ICSE Specimen Papers – A Resource for Students

Students who practice for the exams through the ICSE sample question papers will be able to score well. It can help students in the following ways- 

  • First and foremost, students will be able to strengthen their practice and concepts with the sample papers. 
  • After solving sample papers, students will understand their strengths as well as their weak points.
  • By practicing through various sample papers, students will be able to learn time management which will help them improve their speed as well. 
  • When students complete the sample papers perfectly, they will automatically gain confidence which will help them tackle the exam without much stress.
  • Sample papers give an idea of the actual question paper. Students get an idea of the marking scheme, exam pattern, and type of questions which help them prepare better for the exam. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can I get sample papers online?

Students can access any question papers related to their class on Extramarks website for free.

2. What is the major benefit of solving a sample paper?

The most important benefit is that sample papers give students an idea of the actual question paper and help them understand the exam pattern. It also improves the time management skills. 

3. How can I access the sample papers?

Students just need to click on the sample papers for any particular subject and will be able to access the same, whenever they want.