ISC Sample Question Papers for Class 11

ISC Sample Question Papers for Class 11 – All Subjects (2023-2024)

Class 11 forms the foundation year for Class 12. Apart from understanding concepts and revising with the help of ICS revision notes, it is essential for students to practice ICS sample question papers as well. This will help students score better in the final examination. With sample papers, they can get a better understanding of the question paper format that ISC follows and can perform accordingly. Moreover, students will be able to know the weightage every chapter holds.

ISC Sample Question Papers for Class 11 

Students can access ISC question papers and sample papers of class 11 on Extramarks. Along with preparing and solving ISC important questions, students must consider the previous year’s papers, including ISC class 11 question paper 2020 for a better understanding of the test format. It would be much better if students can practice the question papers with ISC solutions themselves, it would give them a better understanding of their accuracy and the amount of time they need to allot to a particular question.

ISC Class 11 Sample Papers (All Subjects)

With Extramarks, students can easily get all subjects ISC class 11 sample papers along with the ISC solutions that are prepared by the subject matter experts. The sample papers adhere to the ISC syllabus and modifications. Students must practise important questions along with the revision notes. This will help them monitor their performance. Moreover, students will be able to work on the topics that need more practise.

ISC Sample Papers for Class 11 


Note: Mathematical solutions can’t be reframed due to the quantitative form of the question. 


  1. What do you mean by the term testosterone?
  2. Explain how scientist Louis Pasteur contributed to the field of microbiology?
  3. Explain cell theory and name the person who postulated it?
  4. Name the three systems of classification of living organisms.


  1. Describe the structure of a diamond?
  2. What is the heat of neutralisation?
  3. Which substance possesses higher entropy?
  4. Explain the optical isomerism of lactic acid.


  1. What are the dimensions of Boltz’s Maan’s constant?
  2. State one unique characteristic of Carnot’s ideal heat engine?
  3. What do you mean by dimensional analysis?
  4. State two limitations of dimensional analysis.


  1. How would you describe the first meeting between Miranda and Ferdinand?
  2. Do you think that the Sniper stayed hidden for any particular reason? Explain. 
  3. John Brown sends a lopsided message to his mother about the war’s glory. Explain. 
  4. When did the son respond to his mother’s lopsided views on realization?


  1. Why did the British introduced railways in India?
  2. Who is the founder of Arya Samaj?
  3. Following the chauri-chaura incident, why did Gandhi Ji suspend his non-cooperation movement?

Political Science 

  1. State the difference between the State and the Government. 
  2. Explain the dialectical materialism perspective of the Marxian framework.
  3. Contrast and contrast Hobbes’ and Rousseau’s arguments for the emergence of the State.


  1. What is child labour? Elaborate.
  2. Explain the term “mob”?
  3. What are the characteristics of rural society?


  1. What do you mean by block disintegration?
  2. Explain the term shadow zone. 
  3. Provide a brief description of the characteristics and features of rainfall in the Equatorial region.
  4. Label the Anatolian Plateau? 


  1. What is human capital formation?
  2. Explain the term depreciation. 
  3. What are the institutional sources of rural credit in India?

Business Studies 

  1. Explain the term responsibility. 
  2. What is business risk? Explain the types of business risks. 
  3. Explain what is management and what are the features of management. Elaborate.

Benefits of the ISC Class 11 Sample Papers (all Subjects)

Extramarks prepares sample papers for Class 11 to help students in various ways. By solving sample papers, students get familiar with the structure and type of questions asked in final examinations. Students may prepare for the examinations by downloading free ISC Class 11 sample papers for all topics. Students may improve their Class 11 grades by practising the ISC Class 11 sample papers. Students might also gain an understanding of the structure of the written examination.

Tips to Prepare for ISC Class 11

Students generally get confused about where to start preparing for the examination. With the help of Extramarks and implementing the below-mentioned tips, they can do better in their final examination by preparing well. 

  • For ISC Class 11, students must be familiar with the lesson plan for all subjects.
  • Students must begin preparing for each topic in a systematic manner. They must create an appropriate timetable in order to begin preparation for the tests.
  • Students must adhere to the timeline. They should split the time such that each subject is adequately addressed.
  • Students must develop revision notes for each ISC Class 11 lesson so that they may completely revise all subjects immediately before the examinations.
  • They must complete mock tests. Solving ISC Class 11 sample papers can assist students to manage their time and improve their accuracy and speed.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is it important to practise ISC Class 11 sample papers for better preparation?

Yes, it is important to know at what level you’re, where you need to work, and where you have to allot the time more precisely. With sample papers, you can understand the examination pattern and check your accuracy too. 

2. What is the best strategy to prepare with ISC Class 11 sample papers?

Students can solve the question papers by setting a timer. This will give them a real-time experience similar to the final exam. They can monitor their speed and evaluate their performance.